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Acupuncture Poll Archives - 2003

Do you think the AOM profession needs to have a doctoral degree program?
December 2003

How did you celebrate Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day at your practice?
November 2003

Do you believe acupuncture publications should adhere to a standard set of guidelines for formatting words, names of herbs, acupuncture point locations, etc.?
October 2003

Do you plan on enrolling in a doctoral program in acupuncture/Oriental medicine?
September 2003

How long did it take you to pay off your student loans?
August 2003

How much did it cost you to attend acupuncture school?
July 2003

If you could add one modality to your state's scope of practice law, what would it be?
June 2003

How effective is your state association in meeting the needs of the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession in your state?
May 2003

How effective are the national associations (i.e., the AAOM and the Acupuncture Alliance) in meeting the needs of the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession in the United States?
April 2003

What is the state of your practice compared to five years ago?
March 2003

What is the most important issue facing the acupuncture/Oriental medicine profession in 2003?
January 2003

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