Acupuncture Today
May, 2000, Vol. 01, Issue 05
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A 300-Hour Course Does Not an Acupuncturist Make

By Editorial Staff

"Looking for certification after only a 300-hour course is not fair to those who studied 3000 hours and sat for the exam. If acupuncturists said they wanted to take 300 hours of chiropractic courses to be certified, I don't think the chiropractors would like it.

Chiropractors know anatomy very well, and (they know) how to palpate, but it's another thing to learn how to needle, to do tongue and pulse diagnosis."

- Robert Borzone, DC, LAc, Long Island, New York

"To think that a chiropractor could do 300 hours and treat back pain in the spirit of acupuncture is not acceptable. It's not a question of having a pain in your back so you put a needle where it hurts. That would only diminish acupuncture and send the wrong message to consumers about what acupuncture is."

- Kathleen Golden, president, Acupuncture Society of New York


  • Georgi K. Who should practice acupuncture? Traditional Chinese Medicine World, January 2000.


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