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Acupuncture Today
October, 2001, Vol. 02, Issue 10
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Acupuncture on Television and Radio Websites

By Editorial Staff

Acupuncture Today and Ultimate You Team to Provide Acupuncture Services and Information to Millions Via ABC, NBC and Other Major Media Companies!

In a recently signed agreement, Acupuncture Today will provide the acupuncture and Oriental medicine content for the websites of ABC and NBC television stations as well as ABC, Citadel and Clear Channel radio station websites.

According to the agreement, Acupuncture Today will provide important news and information about all aspects of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to an estimated seven million unique visitors each month.

The ability to reach millions of viewers and listeners was made possible by Ultimate You, a marketing company that is quickly developing the largest network of content-rich multi-media websites in the country. Ultimate You is responsible for the content on websites supporting the corporately owned, local stations of ABC television, NBC television, ABC radio, and Citadel Communications.

Ultimate You is very interested in all aspects of alternative health; they have specifically included sections for this information, along with a directory and marketing services for massage acupuncturists:

"We strongly believe in the value of acupuncture and Asian healing. This is why every website in our network contains a special channel that will feature the latest news and information about acupuncture provided by Acupuncture Today. As part of our commitment to the profession, we have created a single provider directory that will be featured on all of the websites. This way, a listed Asian healing provider has exposure to interested consumers across the country in addition to their own community."

- Kevin Gardner, President - Ultimate You.

Ultimate You's network of television and radio station websites is growing at a steady rate. Each website follows a format that provides millions of visitors with information on all aspects of health. In their efforts to fulfill the need for Asian healing content, they sought Acupuncture Today's publisher, MPAmedia:

"While some may see us as two competing web companies, this is not how we see it. There is a tremendous synergy that can happen when companies like ours and Ultimate You work together. The most important benefit to this synergy is that millions of people will learn and become aware of the benefits of acupuncture and Asian healing for their overall health. By matching our content to their provider directory, UltimateYou gives every therapist the opportunity to enjoy maximum exposure to those most interested in Asian healing."

- Don Petersen, Acupuncture Today publisher.

In addition to content, the Ultimate You websites will also encourage interested consumers to subscribe to an e-mail health newsletter, currently being developed by Acupuncture Today. The newsletter is being designed to provide monthly news and information that will serve as a reminder of the benefits of acupuncture and all aspects of Asian healing.

There is a nominal monthly fee to be featured on Ultimate You's network of over 100 websites. Acupuncturists who would like more information about this opportunity should contact Mark Rinehart at 1-888-703-0077.

A list of the current television and radio stations included in Ultimate You's network:

Call Letters: Station Name: Website:
Alabama - Birmingham
WVTM-TV NBC Channel 13 www.nbc13.com
WRAX* 107.7 FM www.wrax.com
WYSF* 94.5 FM www.softrock945.com
WZRR* 99.5 FM www.wzrr.com
Arkansas - Little Rock
KVLO 102.9 K-Love www.k-love.com
KURB B98.5 www.b98.com
KLAL Alice 107.7 www.alice1077.com
KIPR* 92.3 FM www.power923.com
KOKY* 102.1 FM www.koky.com
KARN* 92 AM/102.5 FM/107.1 FM www.920karn.com
California - Fresno
KFSN-TV ABC Channel 30 www.kfsn.com
Los Angeles
KNBC-TV NBC Channel 4 www.nbc4la.com
KHOP Planet 95 www.khop.com
KATM Kat Country 103 www.cat103.com
KDJK/ KHKK* The Hawk 103.9 FM / 104.1 www.104thehawk.com
KESP* 730 AM www.espnradio970.com
San Diego
KNSD-TV NBC Channel 7/39 www.nbc739.com
Colorado ­ Colorado Springs
KKMG 98.9 Magic FM www.989magicfm.com
KKFM 98.1 FM www.kkfm.com
KSPZ* 92.9 FM www.oldies929.com
KVOR* 740 AM www.kvor.com
KUBL* 1300 AM (to be determined)
Connecticut ­ Hartford
WVIT-TV NBC Channel 30 www.nbc30.com
District of Columbia - Washington
WRC-TV NBC Channel 4 www.nbc4.com
WRQX MIX 107.3 FM www.mix1073fm.com
WJZW SMOOTH JAZZ 105.9 www.smoothjazz1059.com
WMAL NEWS/TALK AM 630 www.wmal.com
Florida - Miami
WTVJ-TV NBC Channel 6 www.nbc6.net
Illinois - Chicago
WMAQ-TV NBC Channel 5 www.nbc5.com
WLS-TV ABC Channel 7 www.abc7chicago.com
Maine - Portland
WTPN The Point 98.9 www.989thepoint.com
WHOM 94.9 WHOM www.whom949.com
WJBQ Q 97.9 www.wjbq.com
WBLM* 102.9 FM www.wblm.com
WCYI / WCYY* 3.9 FM / 94.3 FM www.wcyy.com
Michigan - Flint
WJRT-TV ABC Channel 12 www.wjrt.com
WVFN* 730 AM www.730amthefan.com
WJIM* 97.5 FM www.oldies975.com
WJIM* 1240 AM www.newstalk1240.com
WMMQ* 94.9 FM www.wmmq.com
WFMK* 99.1 FM www.wfmk.com
WITL* 100.7 FM www.witl.com
WIOG 102.5 WIOG www.wiog.com
WHNN* 96.1 FM www.whnn.com
WKZQ* 93.3 FM www.z93kqz.com
WILZ/WYLZ* 104.5 FM / 100.9 FM www.wheelz.fm
Minnesota - Minneapolis & St. Paul
QRS* 92 KQRS www.92kqrs.com
V105* FM Twin Cities Groove www.v105.com
KXXR* 93 X www.93x.com
Nevada - Las Vegas
KFMS KISS 101.9 www.kfms.com
KSNE Sunny 106.5 www.ksne.com
KWNR New Country KWNR 95.5 www.kwnr.com
KQOL KQOL 93.1 www.kqol.com
New Hampshire - Portsmouth
WPKQ/WOKQ* 103.7 FM / 97.5 FM www.wokq.com
WSAK/WSHK* 102.1 FM / 105.3 FM www.shark1053.com
New Mexico - Albuquerque
KRST 92.3 KRST www.92.3krst.com
KMGA 99.5 Magic FM www.99.5magicfm.com
KKOB KKOB 93.3 FM / 770 AM www.kkobfm.com
KNML* 610 AM www.610thesportsanimal.com
KTZO* 103.3 FM www.1033thezone.com
KHFM* 95.5 FM www.khfm.com
KTBL* 1050 AM www.1050kbull.com
KBZ * 96.3 FM www.963thebuzzard.com
New York - Buffalo
WEDG* 103.3 FM www.wedg.com
WGRF* 96.9 FM www.97rock.com
WHTT* 104.1 FM www.oldies104.com
New York City
WNBC-TV NBC Channel 4 www.newschannel4.com
WABC-TV ABC Channel 7 www.wabc.com
North Carolina - Raleigh
WNCN-TV NBC Channel 17 www.nbc17.com
WTVD-TV ABC Channel 11 www.wtvd.com
Ohio - Columbus
WCMH-TV NBC Channel 4 www.nbc4columbus.com
WTVG-TV ABC Channel 13 www.13abc.com
Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
KATT KATT Rock 100.5 www.katt.com
KKWD WILD 97.9 www.wild979.com
KYIS KISS 98.9 www.kyis.com
WWLS* 640 AM / 104.9 FM www.thesportsanimal.com
Pennsylvania - Allentown/Bethlehem
WCTO* 96.1 FM www.catcountry96.com
WLEV* 100.7 FM www.wlev.com
WTMA* 1250 AM www.wtma.com
WNKT* 107.5 FM www.catcountry1075.com
WSSX* 95.1 FM www.95sx.com
WSUY* 96.9 FM www.sunny969.com
WTMZ* 910 AM www.910thezone.com
WXTC* 1390 AM www.heaven1390.com
WWWZ* 93.3 FM www.z93jamz.com
WMGL* 101.7 FM www.magic1017.com
WCAU-TV NBC Channel 10 www.nbc10.com
WPVI-TV ABC Channel 6 www.wpvi.com
Rhode Island - East Providence
WWLI Lite Rock 105 www.lite105.com
WPRO 92 Pro FM www.92profm.com
WSKO* 790 AM www.790thescore.com
WZRA / WZRI* 99.7 FM / 100.3 FM www.z100providence.com
WPRO* 630 AM www.630wpro.com
Providence & New Bedford
WJAR-TV NBC Channel 10 www.nbc10wjar.com
Tennessee - Knoxville
WIVK WIVK 107.7 www.wivk.com
WSMJ* 98.7 FM www.wsmj.net
WNOX* 990 AM / 99.1 FM www.newstalk99.com
Texas - Dallas
KXAS-TV NBC Channel 5 www.nbc5i.com
WBAP News/Talk 820 www.wbap.com
KMEO Memories 96.7 www.kmeo.com
KSCS 96.3 KSCS The Country Leader www.kscs.com
ESPN ESPN 103.3 FM www.espn1033.com
Utah - Salt Lake City
KBEE B98.7 www.b987.com
KBER KBER 101.1 www.kber.com
KENZ 107.5 The End www.1075.com
KUBL KBULL 93 (93.3) www.kbull93.com
KFNZ 1320 All Sports www.1320kfan.com

* Denotes those stations whose websites are currently being developed. Ultimate You will be adding an additional 34 television markets by September 15, so if you did not see your market in the broadcast list about, please call Mark Rinehart at 1-888-703-0077.


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