Acupuncture Today
October, 2002, Vol. 03, Issue 10
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Links Update

By Editorial Staff

Acupuncturetoday.com's Links page has been updated and expanded in an effort to provide the most comprehensive set of links on the Internet. The page now includes links to more than 210 acupuncture and Oriental medicine sites, including:

  • 18 state associations;
  • 18 national associations;
  • 12 international organizations;
  • 34 acupuncture licensing boards;
  • 32 state laws and acts;
  • 17 acupuncture and Oriental medicine journals; and
  • 79 schools and colleges worldwide.

To visit the updated Links page, visit www.acupuncturetoday.com and click the "Acupuncture Links" button on the left-hand toolbar.


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