Acupuncture Today
May, 2003, Vol. 04, Issue 05
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Here Come the e-Classifieds!

By Editorial Staff

In the March and April issues, we informed you of a new user ID and password system designed to provide customization, additional features and privacy on acupuncturetoday.com. (Your personal user ID and password are printed at the top of the front page of the print version of this issue.) The first feature of that system, the e-Classifieds, is now in place.*

The e-Classifieds is the electronic and print version of classified advertising.

With e-Classifieds, users can post job listings and practices for sale, sell products, etc., and introduce job opportunities. Recent graduates can also post ads for practices or associateships wanted on acupuncturetoday.com at no charge. In addition to appearing on the Web, users have the option of their ad appearing in the print version of Acupuncture Today, as well as the print and online versions of MPA Media's other publications at a discount.

The beauty of the e-Classifieds program is that it allows users to post and edit ads on acupuncturetoday.com at any time. Up to two photographs may be uploaded online at no charge. This gives people more control over the appearance and placement of an ad without having to contact Acupuncture Today.

The e-Classifieds program officially launches April 25. To access the program, go to http://eclassifieds.acupuncturetoday.com, or use the "e-Classifieds" link on acupuncturetoday.com's home page. For additional information, call (800) 324-5478.

*Unique user IDs and Passwords have been pre-established for licensed acupuncturists and doctors of Oriental medicine. LAcs and DOMs who do not have a user ID or password listed in the banner box should contact Acupuncture Today at .


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