Acupuncture Today
June, 2003, Vol. 04, Issue 06
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Acupuncturetoday.com Breaks the Three Million Hit Mark

By Editorial Staff

In March 2003, acupuncturetoday.com set a record with 3,093,942 hits, the result of 82,378 unique visits and 229,214 impressions. This is the first time acupuncturetoday.com has broken the three million hit mark, and represents the growing number of consumers joining licensed acupuncturists and doctors of Oriental medicine in seeking information on acupuncturetoday.com.

In related news, two new categories ("Acupuncture Organizations" and "Qigong") have been added to "The ABCs of TCM and Acupuncture" section and descriptions of several herbs have been added to "Herb Central." Be sure to visit these and other areas of acupuncturetoday.com to keep up-to-date on the latest acupuncture news and information.


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