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July, 2005, Vol. 06, Issue 07
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A recommended initial fee of $40 covers a review of the intake form that includes a health history and explanation of available qigong sets and their benefits, necessary home practice commitment, plus the lesson itself.

A typical lesson can include teaching the movements, making sure the student can do them without you, then leaving the room while they practice until you return to check progress and make corrections. While out of the room, you can provide treatments to other patients. Repeat this routine for 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the student's ability and needs.

The suggested fee for follow-up lessons is $20, with a recommended frequency of no more than one lesson per week. Private lessons foster independent practice habits, but lack the qi experience of group practice. This can be remedied through occasional group classes of private students.

Option #2

Teaching qigong at a college or high school adult education program is a way to offer group lessons to your patients. A class could last 1-1/2 hours and include 20 minutes of lecture on various aspects of Chinese medicine, with the remaining time for exercise. A research paper can be a course requirement to deepen qigong knowledge.

The class setting should be in a peaceful and serene practice area, and outdoors whenever possible. This allows students to receive qi from nature and benefit from breathing fresh air. Practice along with students so they can witness qi flow, but also sit and watch them practice in order to offer corrections. Find a teaching pace that everyone can follow, which allows for group corrections as well as individual instruction.

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