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August, 2010, Vol. 11, Issue 08
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Brain Issues and Double-Helix Water

By Yin Lo, PhD

After my last article was published in Acupuncture Today, where I asked for licensed medical practitioners' help in studying the effect of double-helix water on many different illnesses, I received 17 responses.

In particular, I received an e-mail from one reader, who said: "I currently have a patient who would be a great candidate for you. Healthy 23-year-old male, in October 2009 had acute onset migraines. He has had MRIs, CTs, X-rays, tried every medication, and seen all the specialists. He was even told by these specialists that he was going to die, and dismissed him."

We immediately went to see him. He had severe migraines of unknown cause. However, he had two car accidents in the last few years. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, he said his pain was more than 10.

We have suggested before (see my earlier article in Acupuncture Today "Perfect Symmetry, Perfect Health") that non-uniformity of body surface temperature is an indication of the unhealthy state of the person, whereas a more uniform body will be a more healthy state. So the young male certainly has changed for the better in a matter of 15 minutes after drinking the double-helix water.

Brain Issues and Double-Helix Water - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
Fig 1: The front face of subject who suffered from severe migraines before drinking double-helix water (left) and 15 minutes afterward (right). The color code of the thermographs is: white as hottest, then red, yellow, green and blue, with black being the coldest. We generally adjust the color code so that green indicates a healthy state. The maximum temperature in the eye area reduced from 34.1 C to 33.6 C. The maximum temperature in the neck area reduced from 35.0 to 33.8 C. The statistical fluctuation of temperature is 0.1 C.

Three weeks later, we met with him again. He was drinking two glasses of double-helix water a day in the last three weeks. He said that he was very happy. He could stay on his job and did not have to take a compulsory early retirement. On a scale of 10, he said his pain level had reduced from 10 to 4. The experiment with him will continue for another two months.

We then had another male volunteer in his early 50s. He had a brain injury. He was a very busy successful businessman. He wanted to try the double-helix water to see if his brain injury could improve.

In Fig 2, the two hottest spots on the eyes correspond to BL1. On the right side of the forehead, there is a patch which is hotter than the surrounding area, probably indicating the surface area of the brain injury. There is a broad hot stripe in red that starts from the left eye, runs down to the mouth, and then bends below the mouth to the right. This corresponds to the position of the stomach meridian. The hot stripe above the mouth corresponds to the large intestine meridian.

Brain Issues and Double-Helix Water - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
Fig 2: The front face of subject who suffered brain damage before drinking double-helix water (left) and 15 minutes after (right). The maximum temperatures of the eye and neck areas were 38.6 C and 39.1 C. They were reduced to 38.6 C and 38.5 C.

]In Fig 3, we can count up to 11 hot spots above the neck. Use the blue cold area, the ear, as an anchor for direction and distance. We can associate some of these hot spots with well-known acupoints: SI 19, SI 18, SI 17 and SI 16. The surface temperature distribution in Fig 4 is equally interesting. Similar, but not the exact pattern of hot spot distribution, could be found and identified with SI 16, SI 18, and SI 19.

Brain Issues and Double-Helix Water - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
Fig 3: The left side of the head before drinking double-helix water (left) and 15 minutes after (right). The maximum temperatures of the head and neck areas were 38.9 C and 37.4 C. They were reduced to 37.6 C and 35.5 C.

It is intuitively obvious for acupuncturists to insert needles into these hot spots to treat the brain injury. Double-helix water definitely lowers the temperature of the hot areas so that they are closer to the normal surface temperature. Meridians connect body surface phenomena with conditions of internal organs. Hot surface temperature implies inflammation of some internal organs, or tissues. Reduction of hot temperature along meridians and acupoints indicate that inflammation of internal organs or tissues has subsided. We know that the six yang meridians meet at the head. Injury and inflammation in the brain and head will reflect in the abnormal distribution of temperatures along these six meridians.

Brain Issues and Double-Helix Water - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark
Fig 4: The right side of the head before drinking double-helix water (left) and 15 minutes after (right). The maximum temperatures of the head and neck areas were 38.5 C and 36.7 C.

The second volunteer was willing to continue drinking double-helix water for three months. We will report to you the long-term effect of double-helix water when we take his thermographs again and compare with the brain scan taken at the that time to see if there is any improvement.

We welcome more licensed practitioners to join this study by writing to . To see data collected on the effect of stable water clusters, please visit For the history of our efforts, please visit

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