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July, 2012, Vol. 13, Issue 07
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Procedure and Fee Changes in 2012 Current Diplomates Converting to Oriental Medicine Certification

NCCAOM Diplomates in active status may obtain certification in Oriental Medicine by converting from Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbology certification(s). The NCCAOM has lowered the fee for the NCCAOM® Application for Conversion to Oriental Medicine to $460.00 from $595.00 and instituted a few procedural changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective January 1, 2013, all Diplomates certified in one certification with the NCCAOM (Acupuncture or Chinese Herbology) who apply for certification in Oriental Medicine must fulfill the biomedicine requirement by having successfully passed the Biomedicine examination. For a complete list of procedural changes to this process, please reference the 2012 NCCAOM® Recertification Handbook, pages 16-19.

Visit the NCCAOM website at www.nccaom.org to keep apprised of all new policy and procedure developments.


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