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By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large

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Year of the Dog: Uniting the Profession

Happy New Year and welcome to the year of the Dog — major traits of a "Dog" person are loyalty, compatibility, kindness and being responsible. As we enter into a new year we are going to find that these traits are very necessary for the success of the profession.

This medicine will survive in the U.S., the question is — who will deliver it? In my travels around the U.S. I hear so many varied opinions and each person believes that are right. Others do not want to listen or discuss, much less change their opinions.

This reminds me of packs of wild dogs. Some are filled with anger, while others with miscommunicated information — which creates division within the profession. The question is — why is there this issue within our profession? There are many outside entities and forces helping to push this medicine forward. And at this time it is especially important that we find common ground and work together.

Year of the Dog: Uniting the Profession - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Creating Unity: Your Calling For 2018

Just recently in the state of California, the existing condition of multiple state associations and memberships came to attention of state legislator, Evan Low. This lead him to call for meetings in both Southern and Northern California, where he met with members and asked why there are so many associations? He stated that these groups need to come to the legislators with one voice — suggesting there needs to be unity within the profession to create one voice and message.

If this does not happen how will the state legislators know who to listen to? This could result in them not listening to anybody. He shared that other professions have one voice with a clear objective — acupuncturists being the only splintered profession. Whether it is local, state or national elected officials receiving different messages for the same profession they tend to stop listening, which accomplishes nothing.

So if you want to help you can do so by participating in these discussions and joining a group of concerned acupuncturists. Unity is important in California and every state across the U.S., especially when we speak to Congress, veterans, Medicare and more. Please start thinking about this and let your actions create strength in unity. This will allow us to create national standards for our profession, so this medicine can move forward and take its rightful place within the health care system.

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