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Vibrational Medicine

By Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc

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Acupuncture & Consciousness: Expanding Your Sphere of Influence

Twenty-eighteen is a time of accelerating transformation in so many areas — environment, politics and more. Each of us is choosing how to respond to these unprecedented changes. Do we choose to be an activist, or detach and tune it all out? For those of us who are called to be part of the solution I propose making a difference through consciousness.

The Flows of Energy

Many teachers and writers have expressed that the world is a "dream" based on our collective thoughts and beliefs. Each society has its own version of the dream. The dream of America is one of materialism and individuality. As a result children are domesticated to develop their intellect and ego at the expense of much of their innate spiritual awareness.

Our medical system follows. In this dream it is considered normal to disregard and even deny the larger part of who we really and what true healing really is for the expediency of controlling distressing symptoms. While acupuncture and Chinese medicine maintains a more holistic view of the body I have seen how much acupuncture training in America has moved toward a more materialistic approach that is acceptable as an adjunct to Western medicine.

I understand the economic reasons for this, but it is important to reflect on the truth that acupuncture was originated by highly evolved Taoist healers in ancient China. Through meditation they directly perceived the flows of energy in the human body and our inter-relatedness with all life. Using their intuition and experimentation they discovered ways to bring people back into alignment with their true nature. In a word, the deepest roots of acupuncture is in consciousness.

The last presidential election and so many events since have made me deeply question how I can step up to be part of the solution. If you have been thinking similar thoughts I would like to share a perspective of how we can expand our service through our consciousness.

Acupuncture & Consciousness: Expanding Your Sphere of Influence - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Levels of Consciousness

In 1995 David Hawkins, MD published a very popular book called, Power Vs. Force. When I read that over 15 years ago I was struck by his analysis of the levels of consciousness of the human race. Hawkins' scale of consciousness ran from a low of 20 up to a high of 1,000. Numbers on the scale below 100 correlated to experiences of guilt, shame, apathy, grief and fear. People primarily vibrating at this level are usually controlled by others at higher levels.

At the consciousness level of 200 courage and personal power first appear, and levels up to 500 correlate to increasing levels of awareness and virtuous qualities. People vibrating at 500 or above are highly motivated by unconditional love. Levels from 500 up to 1,000 indicate increasing levels of enlightenment. Hawkins referred to the positive spheres of influence radiated by people at high states of consciousness as "attractor patterns."

Each of us has a sphere of influence. That is the amount of people and other living things we have an impact on. According to Hawkin's research one human being vibrating at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 people vibrating at levels 200 or below. That means that one person largely living in the consciousness of real love helps to pull up the consciousness of 750,000 people having a negative experience. Someone living at level 700 counterbalances 70 million people at levels 200 or below. That is real power!

Your Sphere of Influence

Regardless of the accuracy of Hawkin's methodology I do believe that there is significant truth in this principle. Based on my decades of clinical experience I do see how the level of consciousness we tend to vibrate at determines our sphere of influence as well as the amount of positive impact our work has on clients.

There is value in moving the field of acupuncture in the direction of evidence-based medicine. Yet there is even greater value in touching back into the consciousness-based roots of this ancient art. Acupuncture is one of the few medical systems that is still practiced in accord with universal laws of energy movement recognized since ancient times.

Many acupuncturists are also motivated to keep themselves in balance through Qi Gong, diet, meditation and spiritual study. I believe that we can make a greater contribution, and personally flourish, by further cultivating and elevating the level our consciousness is vibrating at. Practices that do that are often referred to as ascension work.

It is possible to be on the path of ascension while engaging in evidence-based medicine. There is no conflict between these. Acupuncturists have a rare opportunity to expand their spheres of influence and offer a medicine based on both science and Spirit. I can't think of a better thing to be doing in this year of 2018 and beyond!


  • Hawkins D. Power Vs. Force. Carlsbad: Hay House, 1995.

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