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Acupuncture in the Public Health Setting

By Beth Sommers, PhD, MPH, LAc and Kristen Porter, MS, MAc, LAc

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Beth Sommers is on the faculty of Boston University School of Public Health in Health Policy and Management. She is also the Research Director at Pathways to Wellness and co-chair of the American Public Health Association's specialty group on complementary and alternative health practices.

Kristen Porter, MS, MAc, LAc is the founder of the Zen Executive, LLC, which provides practice coaching and free marketing bootcamps via their facebook page. Her two decades in integrated health included 16 years as a director at Pathways to Wellness, the creation of 15 hospital-based acupuncture programs, and NCCAM funded research on acupuncture, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. She is a student in the Gerontology PhD program at UMASS Boston.

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