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Eastern Currents

By William Morris, DAOM, PhD, LAc

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The Need for a New Medical Model: A Challenge for Biopsychosocial and Ecopsychologica Medicine
  April, 2015 (Vol. 16, Issue 04)
A Chinese Medicine Story: An Interview with Mazin Al-Khafaji
  September, 2014 (Vol. 15, Issue 09)
Monoculture of the Mind: Part II
  April, 2014 (Vol. 15, Issue 04)
Monoculture of the Mind?
The Case Study: An Approach to Knowledge
  November, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 11)
Dry Needling is Acupuncture: But What of Education? What of Public Safety?
  July, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 07)
Acupuncture and Closure: Turf Wars
  January, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 01)
Post-paradox: Room for View
  August, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 08)
Professionalism, Power and Presence
  May, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 05)
Professionalism, Education and Turf Wars
  March, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 03)
Dr., Doctour, Docere - What's in a Title?
  January, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 01)
Flexner to Eisenberg: The Turning of a Nation
  November, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 11)
Is Chinese Medicine Integrative Medicine?
  September, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 09)
Thoughts on Ernst's Review of Reviews
  July, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 07)
Scope and Standards for Acupuncture: Dry Needling?
  May, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 05)
Medical Epistemology: A Bias of Culture?
  March, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 03)
Cultural Competency in East Asian Medicine: Perspective as a Tool
  January, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 01)
Politics of Evidence
  November, 2010 (Vol. 11, Issue 11)
Proving East Asian Medicine
  September, 2010 (Vol. 11, Issue 09)
What's In A Name?
  July, 2010 (Vol. 11, Issue 07)
The Bright Future of Acupuncture
  January, 2010 (Vol. 11, Issue 01)
Integrative Medicine and Public Health
  June, 2009 (Vol. 10, Issue 06)
Partnering for Success
Whole Foods Helps Create New Possibilities for AOM
  February, 2009 (Vol. 10, Issue 02)
AOM Education, Critical Thought and Complexity
  November, 2008 (Vol. 09, Issue 11)
Deep Change: Leadership and Education in Chinese Medicine
  April, 2008 (Vol. 09, Issue 04)
Specialties: A Not-So-Quiet Storm
  November, 2007 (Vol. 08, Issue 11)
Is Asian More Pejorative Than Oriental?
  May, 2007 (Vol. 08, Issue 05)
An Interview With Zhongyuan Zhang, CCP Secretary of Chengdu University
  January, 2007 (Vol. 08, Issue 01)
Report on the 2006 Southwest Symposium
  June, 2006 (Vol. 07, Issue 06)
AAOM President's Report
  September, 2005 (Vol. 06, Issue 09)
WFCMS Meets at Third International Congress on Traditional Medicine
  April, 2005 (Vol. 06, Issue 04)
Unraveling the Mysteries of the Nan Jing, Chapter Five
  December, 2004 (Vol. 05, Issue 12)
20-20 Vision: Report on the National Visioning Search Task Force's Progress
  May, 2004 (Vol. 05, Issue 05)
The Ying Qi Cycle
  December, 2003 (Vol. 04, Issue 12)
Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis and the Six Channels
  April, 2003 (Vol. 04, Issue 04)
Pulse Diagnosis Using the Elemental Compass Method
  August, 2002 (Vol. 03, Issue 08)
Diagnosis and Treatment of the Night-Time Defensive Qi Cycle
  May, 2002 (Vol. 03, Issue 05)
Eight Extra Vessel Pulse Diagnosis: A Path to Effective Treatment
  January, 2002 (Vol. 03, Issue 01)
Rolling from Primary Positions: Seeking the Truth
  September, 2001 (Vol. 02, Issue 09)
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