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Secondary Channels of Acupuncture

By Nicholas Sieben, LAc

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The Luo Vessels (Part 3)
  March, 2018 (Vol. 19, Issue 03)
Strengthening Our Stance, Opening Our Chest: Stress Management & The Luo Vessels
  December, 2017 (Vol. 18, Issue 12)
The Luo Vessels: Restoring Connectivity
  October, 2017 (Vol. 18, Issue 10)
Penetrating the Mysterious: Strange Diseases & Hidden Qi
  August, 2017 (Vol. 18, Issue 08)
The Mysterious Divergent Channels
A Study of Self-Preservation and Degeneration
  January, 2017 (Vol. 18, Issue 01)
Illuminating the Hidden, Freeing the Source
  October, 2016 (Vol. 17, Issue 10)
Constructing Our Reality, Part 2
  August, 2016 (Vol. 17, Issue 08)
Constructing Our Reality: The Primary Channels and Perception, Part 1
  May, 2016 (Vol. 17, Issue 05)
Happiness, Completion and Harmonization: Classical Keys to Health and Longevity in the Nei Jing?
  March, 2016 (Vol. 17, Issue 03)
The Conscious Evolution of Healing: The Luo Vessels
  January, 2016 (Vol. 17, Issue 01)
Learning the Transformative Language of the Channel System: The Sinew Channels
  September, 2015 (Vol. 16, Issue 09)
The Conscious Evolution of Healing, Part 2
Using the Collaterals to Make the Unconscious Known
  March, 2015 (Vol. 16, Issue 03)
The Conscious Evolution of Healing: Importance of Opening the Sensory Portals in Classical Chinese Medicine
  February, 2015 (Vol. 16, Issue 02)
Working With The Yuan-Source Level: Resonance and the Extraordinary Vessels
  July, 2014 (Vol. 15, Issue 07)
Importance of Intention and Alchemy of Cultivation
  November, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 11)
The Role of the Pericardium Primary Channel: An Ode to Transpersonal Awareness, Part I
  August, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 08)
The Mind-Body Link
Traditional Chinese Medicine is Designed for Treatment of Mental Health
  April, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 04)
Dealing With Change: Resistance, Acceptance and Forgiveness
  March, 2013 (Vol. 14, Issue 03)
Chronic Degenerative Disease and the Divergent Channels
  December, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 12)
The Capacity to Rectify the Qi: The Spleen's Primary Channel
  November, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 11)
Creation of the Self: The Role of the Stomach and Spleen in Psycho-Social Development
  July, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 07)
Development of the Social Psyche: A Jing Luo Perspective - Part I
  May, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 05)
Using the Channel Systems of Acupuncture to Unravel the Mysteries of Disease Progression
  March, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 03)
Think Like a Philosopher: Psychosomatics and the Luo Vessels
  January, 2012 (Vol. 13, Issue 01)
The Curious Concept of Latency: The Luo Vessels
  October, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 10)
The Sinew Channels: A Lesson in Wei Qi
  August, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 08)
The Spirit of Acupuncture: The Channel Systems of the Ling Shu
  July, 2011 (Vol. 12, Issue 07)
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