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The Importance of Knowing Mainstream Lingo

Concepts that can help you in your quest towards mainstream inclusion

By Christian Nix and Paul Raford, MD

There is a secret lingo within mainstream medicine of which the vast majority of acupuncturists and Chinese medical professionals are unaware. I sometimes hear from a certain segment of the TCM profession how there is a kind of conspiracy against our acceptance and inclusion;...

Don't Trust What a Patient Says

By Douglas R. Briggs, DC, Dipl. Ac. (IAMA), DAAPM

When a patient presents to the office for care, they typically have a specific complaint in mind – lower back pain, whiplash, sinus congestion, sciatica, etc. They are often not interested or engaged in what...


Changes in Herbal Medicines from Ancient Times to the Present

By Eric Brand, LAc

The classical literature of Chinese medicine remains highly relevant in the modern era, as many of the basic theories and herbal combinations emphasized in clinical practice were first established in texts that...

Halt Allergies With Moxibustion Therapy

An Effective Method To Offer Relief To Your Patients

By Linying Tan, PhD, LAc and Marty Calliham, LAc, MSOM

An allergy is an immune system disorder in which the body is hypersensitive to normally harmless substances in the environment. Frequent contact with airborne particles such as dust or pollen can result in...

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