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Industry News for Academy of Oriental Medicine-AOMA

4701 West Gate Blvd
Austin, Texas 78745

AOMA hosts 13th annual integrative medicine symposium

Southwest Symposium features acclaimed experts in acupuncture
and Oriental medicine

AUSTIN—AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine hosts the 13th annual Southwest Symposium, an acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine conference featuring acclaimed experts from around the world, Feb. 22-24 at the AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center. This premier continuing education conference brings together practitioners, educators, and other healthcare professionals. The world-class lineup of presenters will provide you with an engaging experience and prepare you to take your practice to the next level of excellence. Exhibitors will offer the latest supplies and services to contribute to your success in the profession.

More than 300 acupuncturists and other medical professionals from 22 states and four countries are expected to attend this year’s Symposium. There will also be 35 exhibitors including several some from China.

Topics that will be covered at the Symposium include integrative approach to pregnancy, acupuncture research, Neijing classical acupuncture, practice management, and ethics.

The three-day symposium is approved for continuing education credit hours by Texas, California, and Florida, and NCCAOM. Some courses are approved for Texas Massage Therapists and continuing education for nurses is pending.

Symposium highlights include:

Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin is the author of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines, The Clinical Desk Reference which is a compendium of 1250 Chinese herbal products available in the United States and is the editor-organizer of Wu and Fischer’s Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was the recipient of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine’s (AAAOM) 1999 “Acupuncturist of the Year” Award, and the American Association of Teachers of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine’s (AATAOM) 2006 “Teacher of the Year” award. Dr. Fratkin presents Applying Blood Test Information in TCM Internal Medicine on Friday February 22 & Leaky Gut Syndrome - TCM Treatment Protocols on Saturday February 23.

Lillian Pearl Bridges is considered the world’s leading authority on Face Reading and Diagnosis and she is credited for bringing this body of ancient knowledge back to the field of Chinese Medicine and introducing it to Western Medicine and business. For over 20 years, she has taught both complimentary and allopathic health practitioners how to utilize Facial Diagnosis in their practices. Lillian presents Facial Diagnosis - The Psychological and Emotional Underlay of Disease on Sunday February 24.

Dr. Mikio Sankey, ND, PhD, MSAOM is renowned for his expertise in Esoteric Acupuncture, which focuses on the utilization of Traditional Chinese acupuncture theory, along with the Hindu Chakra System, Sacred Geometry, and the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. Dr. Sankey’s many accolades include “Acupuncture Author of the Year” award from the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) in 2006 for his book “Sea of Fire – Cosmic Fire, Esoteric Acupuncture, Volume 4”. Dr. Sankey presents Esoteric Acupuncture Intensive: Level 2 on Saturday and Sunday February 23-24.

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About AOMA                                   

AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine offers a masters-level graduate program in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, preparing its students for careers as skilled, professional practitioners.  AOMA is known for its internationally recognized faculty, award-winning student clinical internship program, and herbal medicine program. Since its founding in 1993, AOMA has grown rapidly in size and reputation, drawing students from around the nation and faculty from around the world. AOMA also conducts more than 20,000 patient visits annually in its student and professional clinics. AOMA collaborates with Western healthcare institutions including the Seton Family of Hospitals, and gives back to the community through partnerships with nonprofit organizations and by providing free and reduced price treatments to people who cannot afford them. AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine is located at 4701 West Gate Blvd. AOMA also serves patients and retail customers at its north Austin location, 2700 W. Anderson Ln.  For more information see http://www.aoma.edu/sws or call 512-492-3009.

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