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Industry News for Lhasa OMS, Inc.

230 Libbey Industrial Pkwy
Weymouth, Massachusetts 02189-3102


New Nano Tech Plastic Handle Needle: Painless and Economical

Lhasa OMS, Inc. introduces the Nano Tech plastic-handled T-Type and N-type acupuncture needles. The needle is made from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel yet is affordably priced. In addition, the T-Type boasts a patented Vibration Handle™. In its recent introduction in the European market, it has been well received by practitioners and patients alike.

The T-Type uses the latest technology improvements with an easier to hold and place 25 mm long handle. This specially grooved handle also generates a gentle vibration sensation when the needle handle is twirled between the fingers. An insertion tube is included with each needle.

The N-Type has a 20 mm handle and is offered without insertion tubes.

Both needle types are color coded by size and are available in the standard needle gauges.

For more information or to obtain a sample pack, call 1-800-722-8775 or go to www.NanoTechNeedle.com.

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