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Industry News for Lhasa OMS, Inc.

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Lhasa OMS Announces Addition of ASP Ear Needles to Product Line

Semi-Permanent Needles Can Enhance Auriculotherapy Treatments

WEYMOUTH, MA - Lhasa OMS, the oldest supplier of acupuncture needles in the United States, announced today the addition of ASP Semi-Permanent Ear Needles to its vast product line. Produced by the Sedatelec Company in France, the creator of ear "dart" needles, ASP is the standard by which other needles are measured. These needles are left in the patient for a longer period of time than traditional needles, creating greater stimulation for the auricular point. Available in Stainless Steel, Gold, and Titanium, ASP needles cater to your every need. Each ASP has its own needle injector which consists of a guide to accurately position the needle, and a plunger for insertion. The injector for Stainless Steel and Gold also contains a small magnet for added stimulation. These magnetic injectors may be given to the patient to further stimulate the point containing the ASP needle after initial treatment. The needles are also packaged with hypoallergenic adhesive plasters, which can be used over the needle for added protection.

ASP are available in boxes of 80 or 200 needles. The price per box ranges from $33.50 to $95.00, depending on the package and style. For more information on ASP acupuncture needles, please visit Needle samples are available upon request.

Use the Best. Use the Original. Use ASP needles.


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