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Emperor's College Announces Interim Doctoral Program Director and Associate Dean for the Master's Program

John Fang, MSOM, DAOM, LAc, received his MSOM and DAOM from South Baylo University and previously served as its academic dean and DAOM program director. Fang has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999 and maintains a private practice in Rancho Cucamonga.

Gretchen Badami, MTOM, LAc, is a licensed acupuncturist and a recent graduate of Emperor's College. She also has a master's degree in the philosophy of religion from the University of Chicago. Prior to starting acupuncture school, Gretchen worked as a therapist and dormitory supervisor at the University of Chicago.

"John's proven expertise in developing and implementing a DAOM program will help continue to raise the standard for excellence in the Emperor's College doctoral program," said Yun Kim, CEO of Emperor's College. "We also look forward to Gretchen's contributions to the master's program working closely with the academic dean to the master's program to strengthen our program and student services," added Kim.

About Emperor's College
Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine is one of the oldest and most distinguished acupuncture colleges in the nation specializing in a broad-based approach to the art and science of Oriental medicine. Founded in 1983, Emperor's College has been leading the way for the integration of Oriental medicine in the modern health care system. Offering a master's and doctoral degree program, Emperor's College alumni are the pioneering leaders in academia, clinical practice, advocacy and research in the field.

For more information, visit www.emperors.edu

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