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Industry News for Richard Tan

5222 Balboa Ave., #21
San Diego, California 92117

Dr. Tan's 4th Annual Balance Conference in San Diego!

Thursday, March 18, 9am-5pm

The Balance Method is a simple and revolutionary system of acupuncture that achieves rapid clinical results. In this class, Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan, O.M.D., L.Ac, reveals his Five Systems that comprise the core of his successful acupuncture treatments. He will make channel theory come alive during his discussion on meridian relationships and the I-Ching. You will walk away with an understanding of why traditional points are so effective, and you will discover new point applications that you can apply immediately in your practice. In addition, Dr. Tan will perform treatments on the audience to demonstrate the instant results that can be achieved using minimal and distal points. (7 CEUs)

Friday, March 19, 9am-5pm

Pulse taking is one of the most essential diagnostic tools for any acupuncturist, yet it is often the most difficult skill to master. In this course, Dr. Tan shares how he uses I-Ching theory to read pulses and devise his treatment plans. Dr.Tan's innovative system is a remarkably effective method of determining which meridians are out of balance and how they can be treated. Attendees will practice pulse taking in small groups and receive hands-on training. You will have ample time to apply this new system of pulse diagnosis on each other, while receiving Dr. Tan's instruction on a personal level. By the end of the day, you will have a grasp of the Balance-Method style of pulse diagnosis and how to identify the eight pulse qualities. (7 CEUs)

Saturday, March 20, 9am-5pm

Dr. Tan will expand the application of the Balance Method and discuss a variety of internal syndromes including digestive, respiratory, gynecological and emotional disorders. This class will further explore the relationships of the channels to the hexagrams of the I-Ching. Dr. Tan will focus his lecture on complicated disorders and walk participants through his thought process in clinical practice. Cases and treatments will be discussed based on an in-depth look at the 12 meridians in relation to Ba Gua theory. Dr. Tan will also reveal the most common points and herbal prescriptions that he uses for internal diseases. As always, practitioners are encouraged to share their most difficult cases and receive input. (7 CEUs)

Sunday, March 21, 9am-1pm

Dr. Tan encourages all practitioners to apply the Balance Method in clinical practice and share their results. In addition, he supports the innovation of new ideas and treatment strategies. In this forum, senior Balance Method practitioners will give presentations on how they personally apply the Balance Method in their own clinics. This annual forum brings forth the exchange of new ideas and challenges all practitioners to think on an innovative level. As always, Dr. Tan will share openly in this forum, which always proves to be a fun and inspirational morning for practitioners of all levels. (4 CEUs)

Sunday, March 21, 2pm-6pm

This workshop is a “must” for all practitioners in order to maintain internal health and balance. Dr. Tan's style of Qi Cultivation allows for the spontaneous movement of qi in the body and therefore does not rely on choreographed movements. Acupuncturists, patients and friends alike will enjoy this playful and powerful style of practice. Dr. Tan utilizes this healing system in his everyday life to rejuvenate his own qi that is expended constantly on his patients. As a master practitioner, he will activate the qi system in all of the participants to open up their energy channels and initiate the practice. (4 CEUs)

Marina Village Conference Center, Starboard Room
1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 222-1620

For registration information, call 858-277-1421 or visit:

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