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5222 Balboa Ave., #21
San Diego, California 92117

Clinical Pearls from a Modern Master!
Dr. Tan shares his years of experience...

Friday, July 16, 9am-5pm

The Balance Method is a simple and revolutionary system of acupuncture that achieves rapid clinical results. In this class, Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan, O.M.D., L.Ac, reveals his Five Systems that comprise the core of his successful acupuncture treatments. He will make channel theory come alive during his discussion on meridian relationships and the I-Ching. You will walk away with an understanding of why traditional points are so effective, and you will discover new point applications that you can apply immediately in your practice. In addition, Dr. Tan will perform treatments on the audience to demonstrate the instant results that can be achieved using minimal and distal points. (7 CEUs)

Saturday, July 17, 9am-5pm

Dr. Tan will expand the application of the Balance Method and discuss a variety of internal syndromes including digestive, respiratory, gynecological and emotional disorders. This class will further explore the relationships of the channels to the hexagrams of the I-Ching. Dr. Tan will focus his lecture on complicated disorders and walk participants through his thought process in clinical practice. Cases and treatments will be discussed based on an in-depth look at the 12 meridians in relation to Ba Gua theory. Dr. Tan will also reveal the most common points and herbal prescriptions that he uses for internal diseases. As always, practitioners are encouraged to share their most difficult cases and receive input. Prerequisite: Basics of the Balance Method. (7 CEUs)

Sunday, July 18, 9am-5pm

Our sleep patterns, hormonal levels and mental states are all affected by cyclical rhythms. In this course, Dr. Tan will discuss an advanced system of the Balance Method based on these natural rhythms and the five shu-transporting points. He will introduce Four-Segment Timing as a method of choosing points by understanding the connection between the meridians and cyclical patterns inherent in the body. With this knowledge, different points will be more effective at various times of the day and during different seasons. He will further advance discussion of the I-Ching and explain how we can create seasonal balance by using the hexagram of the current season to balance the hexagram of a particular meridian. Dr. Tan will discuss clinical application for a variety of disorders that are caused or exacerbated by seasonal changes such as allergies, joint pain, muscle aches and depression. Prerequisite: Basics of the Balance Method. (7 CEUs)

Radisson Hotel
Denver Stapleton Plaza
3333 Quebec St.
Denver, CO 80207
(303) 321-3500

Saturday, September 18, 9am-5pm

Each person displays a facial map of their constitution that reveals distinct personality traits and health conditions in the bone structure, lines and coloration of the face. Often, disorders of a particular organ are revealed on your features before any symptoms are present. In this class, Dr. Tan combines both facial and tongue diagnosis to help practitioners perfect their skills and advance their practice. Most importantly, he will relate these findings to meridian theory and show you how to choose the appropriate channels for treatment. Audience members will have a chance to receive face and tongue readings and practice diagnosing on fellow participants. (7 CEUs)

Sunday, September 19, 9am-5pm

Dr. Tan finds that many common disorders such as hypertension, fatigue, insomnia and migraine headaches are related to underlying emotional disorders. Until this aspect is addressed, a true resolution of many conditions is not possible. In this class, Dr. Tan will expand the application of the Balance Method and discuss a variety of emotional disorders including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Dr. Tan will discuss case studies from his clinical practice, and he will walk participants through his own thought process. He will share the most common disorders that he finds and discuss acupuncture treatments. He will also reveal the herbal formulas that he finds invaluable in many of these cases. Prerequisite: Basics of the Balance Method. (7 CEUs)

Park Plaza Hotel
Oakland International Airport
150 Hegenberger Road
Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 635-5300

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