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Stroke Rehabilitation and Dementia Care Acupuncture at Emperor's College Acupuncture Clinic Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Emperor's College - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Santa Monica, CA (July 26, 2012) - The stroke rehabilitation and dementia care acupuncture service at Emperor's College Acupuncture Clinic, one of California's oldest integrated wellness centers, celebrates its first anniversary this summer. The specialists at Emperor's College Stroke Rehabilitation and Dementia Care Clinic provide effective acupuncture therapy for stroke and dementia patients tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

"We have seen tremendous improvements in our patients," said Atsuki Maeda, LAc, director at Emperor's College Stroke Rehabilitation and Dementia Care Clinic. "Stroke survivors who receive our personalized acupuncture therapy in conjunction with other rehabilitation treatments typically experience dramatic improvements."

Stroke acupuncture is an excellent complement to other rehabilitation treatments

The goal-directed approach to stroke rehabilitation and dementia care at Emperor's College Stroke Rehabilitation and Dementia Care Clinic complements other medical treatment and tailors acupuncture therapy to help patients:

  • regain mobility, build strength and improve balance
  • restore muscular function and enhance the skills needed to perform everyday activities
  • improve speech and swallowing as well as vision
  • enhance cognition and memory

"When I came to see Atsuki Maeda after my hemorrhagic stroke in the summer of 2011, my left side of the body was completely numb and I was confined to a wheelchair," said Los Angeles-based stroke patient Susan Sawyer Allen. "Maeda has been able to coordinate my regular acupuncture treatments with the physical therapy I've been receiving. I found the combined care very effective and have seen a continual improvement in my condition."

After roughly six months of weekly stroke acupuncture sessions, Susan Sawyer Allen was able to walk with a single pointed cane and she's continuing her treatments with stroke acupuncture specialist Atsuki Maeda to further improve her mobility.

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About Emperor's College
Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine is one of the oldest and most distinguished acupuncture colleges in the nation specializing in a broad-based approach to the art and science of Oriental medicine. Founded in 1983, Emperor's College has been leading the way for the integration of Oriental medicine in the modern health care system. Offering a master's and doctoral degree program, Emperor's College alumni are the pioneering leaders in academia, clinical practice, advocacy and research in the field.

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