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News Update: November 28, 2016

A Simple Protocol for Holiday Stress

A Letter to the Profession from
the New President at AAAOM
By Editorial Staff
Volunteering for a national, nonprofit organization brings with it such highs, lows, and accomplishments, as well as a steep learning curve. I started out my journey in the AAAOM Board of Directors in 2015, as the Secretary in the Executive Committee, and under the tutelage of then president, Don Lee.
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2016: A Year in the Life of Acupuncture
By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large
Happy Holidays, may you, your family and friends have peace, joy and blessings throughout this special time of year.
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Little Sticker, Big Impact
By Kimberly Thompson, LAc
It's the end of an election year. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were the subject of conversation for everyone, everywhere for the entire 2016 calendar year. I don't think any of us can deny that this election affected us all very deeply on a personal level.
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All Fiber Is Not Created Equal
By Peter Swann, MD, FAAFP, FACOEM
Sometimes the best place to start is at the end. So, the conclusion of this article is that all fiber is good ... but some fiber is better. Let's break it down. There are two main types of fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.
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Southwest Acupuncture College
Brings It to Division 1 Athletes
By Valerie Hobbs, Dipl. Ac., Dipl. CH, LAc
When Michael Phelps' photograph with the distinctive round marks left by cupping went viral, the Division 1 student athletes treated through the Dal Ward Athletic Center at the University of Colorado (CU) could relate.
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Branding: Set Your Practice Apart
By Kelley Mulhern, DC
Dr. Brad started his practice seven years ago on a shoestring budget. He created his generic logo in five minutes using a website because he didn't have the time to figure out how to make something special.
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Molecular Motors: Tiny Machines Behind the Rhythm of Life
By Shai White-Gilbertson, PhD, MSCR, Dipl Ac, CTR
In the clinic, we aim to restore healthy patterns of movement for qi that has gotten trapped or misdirected, or may have even collapsed. We may be focused on freeing stagnation, releasing heat or redirecting counterflow qi, but it often comes down to helping re-establish a flow of sorts.
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A Q & A About Updated Codes
By Samuel A. Collins
Q: I heard that ICD-10 codes were updated in October. Is this changing all the codes, and what changes do I need to make as a licensed acupuncturist, if any? A: Yes, indeed there was an update to ICD-10 on Oct.1, 2016.
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