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By Carla Cassler, DAOM, LAc, Diana Fried, MAc, MA, DiplAc and Melanie Rubin, MEd
With almost 9,000 people killed during the earthquakes in April and May, another 23,000 suffering injuries, hundreds of thousands left homeless when entire villages collapsed, and many sacred sites destroyed, no one in this country of approximately 28 million has been left untouched by the disaster. Everyone has lost something or someone. Everyone is a survivor.
By Stephanie Beck
The various online marketing options make it a challenge, especially when all you want to do is help your patients feel better. With such a broad topic, I'm going to share some basics you should know about website creation. When you are evaluating and comparing various website companies or individuals, the first things you need to realize is that not all websites are created equal.
By David Miller
The American Society of Acupuncturists is a 501(c)6 (pending), not-for-profit collaboration among state based, acupuncturist professional associations. The governance of the ASA involves a Board of Directors that sets strategy to policy developed by the CSA, which is now housed within the ASA. At the time of this official launch, we have 24 dues-paying state association members representing more than 3000 acupuncturist professionals.
By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large
It is time for this profession to wake up and tell someone about the healing benefits of acupuncture. This is the time for Asian Medicine. Its popularity, growth and unusual acceptance is nothing short of amazing. The Affordable Healthcare Act has the focus of Function, Outcomes, Wellness, and Prevention. Acupuncture fits this paradigm of medicine.
By Nicholas Sieben, LAc
The Chinese medical classics describe the energetic terrain of the body in much detail. The acupuncture channel systems, as presented in the Ling Shu illustrate the various expressions our qi energy can take.
By Christopher Oswald, DC, CNS
Patients seem to be presenting with more complex problems, and many are responding to care more slowly or have completely unexpected results. Why? The patient of today is much different than that of 10 years ago, much less 50 or 100 years ago, and our clinical approaches need to evolve with this in mind.
By Thomas Richardson, LAc
In the quote above, Thoreau touches on one of the fundamental issues of being human — due to fear of pain, suffering, alienation, and lack of love, many people end up shutting down emotionally, spiritually, and even physically, becoming disconnected, both within themselves as well as disconnected from the world around them.
By Amy J. Sear, AP, Dipl. OM
While teaching ethics classes, I often encounter licensed acupuncturists who are surprised that our use of herbs and supplements has a specific section in the material. It is often an aspect within ethics that clinicians don't think of in practice. With that in mind, the focus of this article is about ethical considerations related to the herb and supplement side of our practices.
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