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By Shellie Rosen, DOM, LAc
Product manufacturers, industry partners, distributors and practitioners work as a collective Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCHM) community to produce high quality TCHM prescriptions that bring low-risk healthcare to thousands of patients everyday. TCHM product labels help practitioners, patients and doctors easily locate important information about the formula.
By Samuel A. Collins
Q: I am in need for guidance on how to bill evaluation and management (E&M) codes in addition to acupuncture the same date of service, I have never been paid for an exam when done with acupuncture and I believe I am doing it wrong. In addition, assuming I should be paid for this examination, how often may I bill for this service? May I bill and E&M on every visit as I do perform an evaluation on every visit?
By Kelley Pendleton, DC
Being in a healthcare practice requires you to think critically about many things including your equipment, techniques, documentation, financial goals, and the retention of clients and staff. These "hard" concepts and skills often demand much of your time and attention. As a result, less time is spent focusing on the mindset, energy, and emotions behind your practice. In business literature, these softer concepts are referenced with the term "strategic planning."
By Shengrong Liu
Infertility is defined as the inability to achieve a successful pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected intercourse. Infertility affects approximately 10% of the Philippine population (Philippine Society of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, Inc., 2012) and 15% of reproductive-age couples in the United States (Beckmann et al., 2014).
By Dongcheng Li, DOM, AP
Case studies are very common for acupuncture school students, either in class exams or during taking the national board exam. Most test takers feel they have no idea where they should start and how they should start to analyze those complicated cases. Sometimes, they get totally lost and feel very frustrated. The worst part is that case studies always account for a big percentage in the board exam.
By Alena Ondrejkovicova
Pain is the most comprehensive human experience. The experience of pain is associated with the somatic, emotional and social impact. Pain has not only somatic symptoms, but also psycho-social dimension, especially in case of chronic pain.
By Neil Gumenick, MAc (UK), LAc, Dipl. Ac
The Liver, with its paired Official, the Gall Bladder, belongs to the Element Wood within us. Wood grants us the power of birth – new beginnings, growth, breaking through boundaries and surging forward. It is the vigorous, exuberant energy of the spring season.
By Marilyn Allen, Editor-at-Large
Acupuncture is the organically growing around the world. The legislative body in Quatar has said acupuncture is "okay." The United States has five states to go to have every state recognized and regulated. If multiple groups were working on these states, it would create more power and strength.
HJ Ross
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