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Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts

Mission Statement

The mission of Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts is to provide a quality education in the classical medical art and science of Chinese Medicine and to prepare students to enter the profession as skilled health care clinicians, thus providing the community with Daoist-based Chinese medical care.

The College is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on the medical teachings and techniques which are rooted in the Classics. Highlighted in this undertaking is the study of all the meridian systems, survey of the history of ideas and their influence in the development of styles of practice, and study of the medical classics. Students are encouraged to cultivate through the daily practice of Qi Gong/ Tai Chi/ Meditation, as this is a fundamental component of the evolution of a strong clinician and health care provider.


Daoist Traditions was founded by a group of senior practitioners in the field of Chinese Medicine who have devoted themselves to the revival of classical teachings. Inspired by their studies with Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Daoist priest, they wish to help continue his work in restoring the ancient traditions by sharing their clinical experience and passion for Chinese Medicine.

Programs Offered

Daoist Traditions offers a four-academic-year Masters level Diploma of Oriental Medicine. The program includes comprehensive training in both the ancient traditions and modern TCM teachings. The total program consists of 3257 hours.

While the program at Daoist Traditions is challenging and demanding, our supportive academic environment is structured to assure the success of our students. One new entering class is accepted each year and is limited to 22 students. This allows for a comfortable classroom atmosphere and more personalized attention.

Didactic classes are scheduled 3-4 days per week. In addition to weekly classes, students have multi-day sessions with Jeffrey Yuen each semester (Thursday – Sunday). Students have additional weekend classes (Saturday – Sunday) scheduled throughout the program. Students complete Clinical Observation or Clinical Internship sessions each semester, requiring additional days per week. During Clinical Internship, students complete sessions of 40-42 weeks per year and have shorter breaks between semesters.

Contact Information

For more information about Daoist Traditions, please contact:

Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts
382 Montford Avenue
Asheville NC 28801
Tel: (828) 225-3993
Fax: (828) 255-3306
Clinic: (828) 253-8669
E-mail: mainoffice@daoisttraditions.edu
Request info: admissions@daoisttraditions.edu
Web site: www.daoisttraditions.edu

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