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New York College of Health Professions

Mission Statement

The New York College of Health Professions is one of the leading colleges of holistic medicine in the United States. The school is dedicated to preparing professional leaders and practitioners in the field of complementary/alternative and integrative medicine, using a holistic approach to education and clinical practice that blends Eastern and Western practices in prevention and healing.


The New York College of Health Professions was originally called the New York College for Holistic Health, Education and Research. In addition to acupuncture and Oriental medicine, the school offers degree programs in massage therapy, Asian bodywork and holistic nursing. The school's acupuncture program was granted candidate status by the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 1993. The program was accredited in 1996 and reaccredited in 2003.

Programs Offered

The New York College Graduate School of Oriental Medicine offers combined bachelor/master degree programs in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (acupuncture and herbal medicine combined.) The school also offers two full-time residency positions for licensed Oriental medicine practitioners who meet the required entrance criteria.

The Graduate School of Oriental Medicine's Master degree programs in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are designed to graduate practitioners who are:

  • compassionate, honest, and ethical practitioners of the art of Oriental medicine;
  • knowledgeable in the fundamental theories, both ancient and modern, governing the contemporary practice of traditional Chinese medicine;
  • able to integrate diverse traditions in the field of Oriental medicine into their practice;
  • skilled in the art of Oriental medicine diagnostic methods, treatment planning, and protocols;
  • skilled in the practical disciplines of Oriental medicine, including acupuncture, moxibustion, and adjunct therapies, Chinese herbal medicine, Oriental bodywork therapy; t'ai chi chuan and qigong;
  • sufficiently knowledgeable in basic biomedical and clinical sciences to be able to understand and interpret terminology, diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatment approaches, as well as be proficient in basic biomedical assessment technique;
  • able to make informed and appropriate referrals to physicians and to other practitioners of complementary medicine;
  • able to access, analyze, interpret, and evaluate scientific data and research literature;
  • able to integrate and analyze scientific research data in order to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Oriental medicine through the writing of a master's thesis;
  • prepared to begin and maintain a practice upon graduation or to find positions within education, research or a collaborative clinical setting;
  • knowledgeable of appropriate insurance, legal and regulatory issues regarding the practice of acupuncture and Oriental medicine;
  • aware of the importance of their own personal healing philosophy in supporting their professional development and the health of those around them; and
  • able to provide for the safety and well-being of themselves and their patients.

Contact Information

For more information on the New York College of Health Professions, contact:

New York College of Health Professions
6801 Jericho Turnpike
Syosset, NY 11791-4465
Tel: (516) 364-0808
Fax: (516) 364-0989
Web site:

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