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Do you feel qualified to practice as a primary care provider?



Total Respondents: 136


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Yes After graduating and passing the state boards, it took a year or so until I felt comfortable seeing myself as a primary care provider. In the best of worlds, I would like to see internship opportunities after initial licensing.

Yes I feel competent enough to know when to refer out
Yes In this context, primary care provider must mean Oriental medicine and not Western. We are not trained, nor licensed to provide Western-style care.
No We need our schools to provide us with better educations if we are ever going to be primary care providers. I am a second-year student.

My school, and all of the schools I have visited, are cash-cows with little interest in improving the profession. I hope that this changes someday, but right now with the schools run as businesses, education in our field is very poor.
No I am a student about to graduate and I don't even feel ready to see patients. My classes were taught by people who often did not speak English or were just recently graduated. Our schools are a big problem.
No Our schools are not preparing us to be primary care providers. Unfortunately they seem to be money-driven, and not committed to the future of this profession. We need better professors, better access to a wider variety of patients in clinic, and better preparation for working in an integrated healthcare system.
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