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Do you think there is too much, not enough, or just the right amount of acupuncture and Oriental medicine research being conducted?


Too Much
Not Enough
Just Right

Total Respondents: 57


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Not Enough Dear Board you think with over 3000 years of experence the AMA would finally woulld wake up and use chinese meds but they seem to be more interested in the business of medicine rather healing people. I suffered over 8 months after surgary on pip joint M.D said I have to live with it, and have more suragary I finally went to chinese DR here in Utah and my finger is only 10 degrees off now and I can sleep at night and I feel better then I have in 10 years all over my body . also went to him for virus and he help get rid of that also,when everyone else was sick I remained well. I feel the AMA would benefit from using oriental meds in there teachings. Iam interested in pluse readings very good dianostic tool . sincerly Diane Haggart CNA 2

Not Enough Only well-designed studies can prove whether acupuncture is or is not a valid treatment. If it is, we need to know so it can be better utilized. If it isn't, we need to know so the public can be warned against it. Either way, we need to know.
Not Enough Not here in the USA, that is!
There is a wealth of information in the journals in China. We have just scratched the surface!
More translations from Chinese to English should be done.
Not Enough I think that the only way acupuncture and TCM will get proper recognition by society (and insurance companies) is through good research.
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