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Poll Results for the following Question:

Do you belong to a state and/or national acupuncture or Oriental medicine association?


Yes, a state association only
Yes, a national association only
Yes, both a state and national association
No, I don't belong to any association

Total Respondents: 114


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They have not been edited for content, grammar, or spelling.

No, I don't belong to any association I AM DOING A COURSE ON WHAT IS HEALTH.
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Yes, both a state and national association i think people who like to get poked are pokey!

No, I don't belong to any association follow the money trail.
the associations don't provide or gaurantee success.
but they want your money.
according to their rules, Jesus Christ would not be allowed to preach because he didn't join an organization.

Yes, both a state and national association I belong to AOMA,Acupuncture Society of NY,Rhode Island Acupuncture society and probably a few others

No, I don't belong to any association To think we can use this anthrax scare as a way to be recognized is dispicable. Just one death of a patient being treated with TCM would destroy our profession and make us look like a bunch of fanatical KOOKS. We all no of them in the profession, lets not make them mainstream. Anthrax is deadly and has a poor prognosis in patients showing symptoms. This profession is not now nor will ever be ready to treat this disease in the west. Western medicine is more equipt to treat this one people. If this was China I would say,"sure go ahead ant treat it with TCM, we don't have the antibiotics to treat it". BUT, here in the west we have far better and accepted methods of treating this dangerous pathogen. TCM is not a cure all nor is it always the treatment of choice if you want someone to survive a deadly disease process.
Yes, both a state and national association Comments about Anthrax.
This is the time when our prefession will finally be recognized. Treatment of this bio-hazard is very effective. Most important not to look at it as Anthrax but to do your DOS, differentiate. This condition is what you would call it an invasion of fire toxin in the body. Through my research, the most effective way to treat this is move Qi and blood, Nourish the Spleen, flush out toxins from the liver. The Liver will be greatly enlarged to indicate the anthrax. The Liver will try to rid the toxins but gets overloaded. Then I feel it is important to clear toxins from the blood level. Our medicine combined with Western Medicine can greatly help 1000's of people. Find yourself a way to get involved and lets start treating this, and it's not only going to be anthrax it mostlikely will be worse.
Yes, a national association only I am in a newly licensed state that has yet to start a state association, Nebraska.

No, I don't belong to any association I have recieved acupunture for two monthes. I have severe problems with CTS, and b wrist pain. After receivin acupuncture, it is much better, and I even continue the accupuncture on my own.
 acupunture is very extraodanary! not only for human but also for animal. it has no side reaction, and it cures some kinda diseases without a minute. Trust me!
 Does acupuncture cure? or just treat.

No, I don't belong to any association There is no need for me to belong. All it does is cost me money by adding overhead. I get nothing in return.
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