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How much do you charge for a typical acupuncture treatment?


Less than $20
Between $21 - $40
Between $41 - $60
Between $61 - $80
$80 or more

Total Respondents: 191


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$80 or more My car mechanic charges $80hr. I should charge more than him for medical services. (Lets skip the part about how many patients I can see in an hour.)

Between $61 - $80 Actually, I have a range of fees for established (and new) patients. I charge between $65 and 85 depending on how much time I end up spending and how many conditions I treat.
$80 or more Initial Consult is $500.
Follow up visits range from $325. to $500.
Fees include herbs and nutrition.

Between $21 - $40 You should charge, allowing for the length of time you studied and the running cost of your clinic, and also to make some sort of profit but I think those who are in the profession just to make money are not intrested in the health of the client.
Between $61 - $80 Initial intake approx 125.00 follow-up approx 70-75

please look at your format for the needs to be set up for that basis.
$80 or more If acupuncturists want to be reimbursed fairly within the constrainsts of HMOs and medical insurance, they must bill for the evaluation management/office visit as well as for acupuncture. Acupuncture Today is out of California where this approach to billing is more common, I assume, but there are big preferred provider networks out there like American Specialty Health Networks who are contracting L.Acs across the country to accept a flat, below industry fee for a group of codes like 99212-213 (only $20!) while MDs are lobbying agressively across the country to take over acupuncture, and you can bet they are billing fees like $85 for a 99213 and billing for acupuncture in conjunction with that, and doing this with only 200 hours of acupuncture training.
Between $61 - $80 My shoulders, my back, my buttock, and especialy my lower right legs hurd, some times very much. I believe that acupunture could be good for mee. What type of profesional acupunturist must I consult ?. Please advise me.
$80 or more Aetna has payed as much as $120.00
for each electro-acupuncture session.

Between $41 - $60 This question brings some thought to it. Location and overhead vary, so prices will vary. But, how much is to much to allow people to come in for regular treatments? I practice in New York City, a place that averages 60 to 75 per visit. But I treat lots of people for 30 and they seem very happy with that. 30 is enforced by Aetna and I think it is rediculously low. Help me to feel more comfortable to charge more and impart that comfort to the patient.

Between $41 - $60 I'd be inerested in knowing how many visits are scheduled and if they have to charge less to see them enough times etc..

$80 or more USUALLY $85.
Between $61 - $80 Our price structure is very reasonable according to U.S. standards.They would be much higher if we were medically controlled.
Between $61 - $80 I have recently raised my fees to 95.00/first office call and 70.00/follow-ups. Acupuncturists are still underpaid for amount of time we spend per patient and the services we provide. Insurance re-imbursement rates, based on what acupuncturists charge, are substandard and will remain so until we stop selling ourselves short.
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