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Poll Results for the following Question:

What percentage of your patients are above age 65?


Less than 10%
Between 11-25%
Between 25-49%
50% or greater

Total Respondents: 104


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50% or greater More than 50% of my Pts. are > 70 yrs old. (I'm in S. Fl.) Most of them are on 10-20!! Rx drugs per day!! I am not having great results w/ pain relief due to the fact that most are overweight, on many drugs including Coumadin and have pacemakers. Also most have never tried acu. before and the mind set is not condusive to healing in a holistic manner. Also they are set in the old ways of cooking food...grilling, frying etc and will not change. On the positive side....a few of my older Pts. w/ chronic pain have had acu. for 15-20 yrs!!!!! and are not on Rx. These Pts. always get relief after treatment. :). Long story short, the younger the Pt the better the results of the treatment. Hope this was not too long a response, I could say alot more. Kathleen Amato R.N., A.P.

50% or greater I see a lot of retired folks and see a special market
here. There is much use of drugs on a regular basis
and complications. I see a growing area that is not
really delt with much in AC schools and conferences;
Oreintal Medicine and the aging population.
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