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Should chiropractors be allowed to practice acupuncture?




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Yes Meridian Therapy (Acupuncture)
Information about the healing aspects of acupuncture trickled into the western world through people like the Jesuits, having been missionaries in China. They related the unusual response obtained in many health problems from this unusual therapy described as the practice of inserting tiny metal or bamboo needles into prescribed areas of the sick patients skin. The introduction of acupuncture to the western world was enhanced by Felix Mann, an English physician who wrote the book, Acupuncture: Ancient Chinese Art of Healing.

Stimulation of points on the skin to cure health problems is not unique to the Chinese. There are many examples of similar descriptions of health care. The Bantu sometimes scratched certain parts of the body to cure disease. In the treatment of sciatica, some Arabs cauterized a part of the ear with a hot metal probe similar to stimulating points on the ear with needles as in auriculotherapy. Some Eskimos practice simple acupuncture with sharp stones. An isolated cannibalistic tribe in Brazil shot tiny arrows with a blowpipe at certain parts of the body. The Ebers papyrus of 1550 B.C., one of the oldest and most important of the ancient Egyptian medical treatises, refers to a book on the subject of muscles that would correspond to the twelve meridians of acupuncture. Maybe there isnt much that is new.

Goodheart introduced acupuncture into applied kinesiology in 1966. It did not gain the rapid acceptance by the AK practitioners that other new techniques enjoyed, probably because the notion that a pin pricked in a part of the body often far removed from the seat of disease can cure ills was alien to conventional thinking. It is unfortunate that many doctors have refused to believe the evidence of acupunctures effectiveness, even when faced with several former patients who have been cured by that method when other efforts have proven fruitless.

Acupuncture deals with the energy called Chi or Qi, both pronounced "chee," which travels through meridians of the body. Along the meridians are points that are stimulated, called acu-points. In applied kinesiology the term "meridian therapy" is often used in place of acupuncture because the latter term refers to stimulating the points by puncturing the skin, which is only one method of stimulating acu-points. Treatment in meridian therapy is designed to balance the energy between the meridians. The muscle-meridian association helps to understand the balance of energy is necessary before attempting to change it. The association of meridian energy with muscle strength or weakness, as determined by muscle testing, adds a diagnostic capability in addition to those methods practiced by the ancients.

Meridian therapy is an important treatment modality used in applied kinesiology. Not only can the body be treated through the meridian system, examination of the meridians gives diagnostic information for applying other forms of treatment. As in ancient times, balancing the Chi of the meridians is combined with structural manipulation, nutrition, neurologic correction, and other therapeutic tools of applied kinesiology.

In classic Chinese acupuncture there are rules about how energy is transferred between meridians by stimulating various acu-points. Application of these rules supports the meridian-muscle association, muscle-organ association, and accuracy of the ancient rules. For example, there is a description of the interrelationship of the meridians called the five-element theory. In the theory everything is related to five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood, and the meridians are associated with one of the elements. The characteristics of symptoms and signs of health problems indicate which meridian(s) have excessive or deficient Chi (energy). For example a patient who has excessive fear, grief or anger leads the physician to which meridians have imbalanced Chi. The association of muscle weakness with a specific meridian gives an additional dimension to the physicians ability to read body language.

The associated points of meridian therapy (acupuncture) may associate with a spinal subluxation, or the subluxation may cause imbalance in the meridian system. AK uses many unique examination techniques to evaluate the energy balance of the meridian, as well as correlating with the ancient methods of standard acupuncture.

Yes Have only Asians responded with a loud "NO"?

Yes This is a stupid question. Of course chiroractors should practice acupuncture. They have been doing it longer than any other profession in America. Patients should go to the people who have the longest track record of great results and professionalism in the field, chiropractors.
Yes Anyone with proper training should be able to practice acupuncture. I've only had one disappointing acupuncture treatment from a chiropractor, because I won't make that mistake again. Some may be able to successfully use the power of TCM with little knowledge, but I believe the acupuncturists with TCM training are completely more able to help people heal themselves.
No do all "acupuncturists" needed to use slim needles?

No No. You must go through many hours of training to be as successful as a real acupuncturist. He took classes and studied to care for patients. Chiropractors should only practice acupuncture if they choose to change their occupation to an acupuncturist doctor. It is wrong for one to do two jobs unless they are adroit at both positions. Doing more than one thing is not caring for the patients' health, but caring for money. Learn the philosophies of eastern Oriental medicine.

No No. This poll is nonsense! Sneaky!
Dear Chiropra, We all read your mind! You think at least there were some responses!,you will be satisfied with it?
Trying to create some issue this way?
Nothing to lose anyway????????
Are you interest in Oriental medicine?
You want to practice more Acupuncture than Chiromassage?

Are you giving up your identity of chiromassage practice ?

Take all the courses to meet Acupuncture and Oriental medicine practice requirements, take an Exam, pass, and get license.

Actually, Allowing Acupuncturist to practice chiro practic will be much much easier,because, Chiromassage(Acupressure) was inside of scope of Oriental Medicine since long long time ago.

Yes Chiropractors were the first to teach and perform acupuncture research in the United States as well as practice the art. They recieve great and reproducible results. Chiropractors have set the precedent in the field. Chiropractors do not fall under the scrutiny of the NCCAOM because they are the acupuncture testing body for clinical acupuncturists and not the testing body for physicians. So weather or not the clinical acupuncturists like it or not chiropractors will continue to practice acupuncture. They really have no say in the matter.

No No. My father is an acupuncturist doctor. He went through many hours of training to be as successful as he is today. He took classes and studied to care for patients. Chiropractors should only practice acupuncture if they choose to change their occupation to an acupuncturist doctor. It is wrong for one to do two jobs unless they are adroit at both positions. Doing more than one thing is not caring for the patients' health, but caring for money.

No With proper training, examination, and licensing, anyone can become qualified to practice acupuncture or chiropractic or surgery or whatever. The current 4,500 hour chiropractic training programs do not have room for training in acupuncture, and would have to be extended for another year to include acupuncture. The fact is that chiropractors and massage therapists make wonderful acupuncture practitioners, and vice versa, since we all have significant training and have developed a "feel" for human anatomy. Training to use acupuncture effectively and consistently to treat neuromusculoskeletal pain should take about 800-1,000 hours for chiropractors and massage therapists. Anything less provides only the rudimentary skills needed to "experiment" or "play" with the technique, but probably not with any consistent efficacy. I've always wanted to play with minor surgery too, but have been informed that I am not qualified, and have learned to live with it. Treating organic disease with acupuncture requires another level of training altogether, such as following the World Health Organizations' training guidelines of 2,500 hours.
No are acupuncturists allowed to practice chiropractic?
not unless they pass go to chiro-college and pass
chiro-board exams. whyshould there be a double standard.

No No. Even my 11-year-old son read this rediculous poll, and also thinks it is nonsense! This question is nothing to argue about. Stay with your own practice.

No NO, The purpose of this Poll is to Show the Result of this kind of Poll remains Yes always while Seeking any possible some back door to get in. Go to Oriental Medicine School and finish ALL THE COURSES to know first, and, to meet the qualifications for the EXAM., PASS the TEST,and get Licence. WHAT KIND of Poll is this!
How about this Question! Should Massage therapists be
allowed to practice chiropractic?

Should SkinCare theraphists be
allowed to practice chiropractic?

No NO and yes, Only when they meet all the mandatory course requirements for the exam, pass the exam and get the Licence. Actually I do not understand this kind of poll.
I was so sad after I read one of the yesterday Comenents, because of the responses of others Opinion , Response was so babish, criticizing other practitioner, mentioning " Uneducated ....,"
Tell your Opinion, Instead of getting mad, criticizing others.
Let me ask the Question this way!
Should Chiropractors be allowed to practice optomotry?
How about "Should Chiropractors be allowed to practice Dentistry.
Webmaster! are you belong to Chiropractic Practice!

If you want to show results(Comments)on your own way.
Edit your way , Make your way.
If I want to know Oreintal Medicine and want to be Oriental Medicine Practitioner, I would go to College and Work hard, Know the Philosphies , and then you need to make a decision which way you should go.

No If acupuncturists tried to include chiropractic in their scope of practice with 50 hours or even 300 hours training, the chiropractors would oppose us and try to block this by every conceivable means, we wouldn't have a chance. If we give our profession away others will be there to take it. Most(not all)chiropractors don't even care about acupuncture, they just want another modality to bill out and increase profits. If they really are interested in acupuncture, they should go to acupuncture school just like we did.

Yes Maybe we should sue the NCCAOM for restraint of trade. In the past the NCCAOM allowed DCs to sit ther exam and now they don't. Let's explore the restraing of trade isues here and see what developes. If the NCCAOM dosen't cut out this kind of garbarge about doctors not being allowed to practice acupuncture, sue!

Yes This question should not concern chiropractors because the NCCAOM is not an overseeing body of the chiropractic/physician acupuncturists! We as chiropractors who have been practicing acupuncture and utilizing herbal formulas longer than any other profession have always guided the certification of our own profession in these matters and we will continue to do so. We educate, test and perform research now as we have in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We acredit our own educational process on acupuncture and are above and out of the reach of the NCCAOM. Let's keep it that way by continuing to provide excellent training in acupuncture. Remember we are physicians with 4800 hours of training even before we umdertake the study of acupuncture and "TCMers" are not physicians and have only 2000 hours of education upon graduation. Their profession dosen't even know where it stands on its own definition of TCM, CM, Asian Medicine, Oriental Medicine or whatever they are trying to define. This is according to the "Task Force" on acupuncture "brain" storming meetings that the NCCAOM runs. One thing is for certain, we should never let the NCCAOM dictate what chiropractors should or should not practice. Another thing for certain is that groups like the ICA should be protecting the scope of chiropractic instead of going against other DCs as they did in Rhode Island, which caused those doctors to loose their right to practice acupuncture. I urge all members of the ICA to give your leaders a kick in the rump for hurting other DCs. Exit the ICA, which is a one sided organization and join the all inclusive ACA where they don't mind if you are straight or mixer, just a chiropractor.

 I agree with this most recent response; the question in itself is nonsensical. Possibly AT just wants to put out a generic question that will provoke lots of hits and emotion, to make their site appear to be active and interesting....not.

 Can chiropractors practice acupuncture??????
What the Hell kind of question is that?
Can women practice acupuncture?
Can blacks practice acupuncture?
Can dickheads practice acupuncture?
Why don't you tell me you prejudice pig.

Yes I have been following the results of this poll for several days. Yesterday there were about 4000 votes today there are about 750. What a crock of shit this poll is. If you don't like the answer just "loss the results" typical unethical, uneducated acupuncurist behavior !!!!!!!!!!!!!

No When we, as acupuncturists, are allowed to perform chiropractic manipulations--then by all means allow chiros to perform acupuncture. Until then, the answer is no.

No NO, Should acupunctists be allowed to practice chiropractic?

No NO, should acupuncturists to practice chiropractic?

No No, go to all the courses at the Oriental medical university and take an exam and to get a lisence.

No No, go to an Oriental medicine school and KNOW the philosophies! Don't take the easy way out chiropractors!

No No, take all courses for requirements and get a lisence.

Yes Chiropractors meet the standards for acupuncture education for physicians as set forth by the World Health Organizatin. The World Health Organization recognizes that chiropractors are competant acupuncture practioners and gives them the right to practice full scope acupuncture as recognized by them under their physician requirement.
Yes Any person should be allowed to practice acupuncture if they go to an accreditated school for the time required to get a degree and if they pass the boards. It is best when people feel the medicine within their heart, rather than "adding" another modality to their practice just to make more money. However, schools are not allowed to differentiate between the reasons one chooses to enroll. So ultimately it is up to the patient to decide which healthcare doctor fits their needs at any given time.

No No....That is unless they have training in acupuncture and herbs and can pass examinations establishing the minimum standards of competency as set forth by the World health Organization.

Standard chiropractic training is insufficient for practitioners to fulfill these minimum competency requirements. According to the WHO it would take roughly 1,000 hours for the acupuncture component alone. Now, I could be wrong but I don't think there are any chiropractic programs fulfilling these requirements.

However, a chiropractor who completes sufficient training [1,000 hours for acupuncture and 1,000 for herbs] would have spent a sufficient amount of time on the topic to ensure an entry level of competency. Any practitioner fulfilling such minimums could easily gain public trust through moral competency as well as the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to practice safely and effectively.

Yes The Chinese masters state that it takes more than 20 years to learn pulse diagnosis and become a competant practioner utilizing this method. No one else knows better than them when it comes to "TCM". According to the Chinese masters the clinical acupuncturists need 16 more years of training to become competant pulse diagnosticians and be even able to be competant and safe enough to practice on the public.

Yes Chiropractors are taught the full scope of TCM including the use of herbs and acupuncture. They have the longest record of practicing these methods in the United States. The Chiropractic profession should be grandfathered into any new legislation to allow them to continue to practice with acupuncture and herbs.

Yes Absolutely! As the world can now see, the responses written below from the acupuncture comunity are all based on emotion and not facts. FACT, chiropractors have practiced acupuncture longer than any other profession in America. FACT, chiropractors have taught acupuncture longer than any other profession in America. FACT, chiropractors were the first to perform and continue to do resaerch on acupuncture in America. FACT chiropractors were the first to get legislation passed so that even acupuncturists could practice acupuncture. FACT, chiropractors have the longest safety record practicing acupuncture in America. FACT, it was a chiropractor who bailed out the NCCAOM from bankruptcy with a personal loan that has never been repaid. FACT, chiropractors are not trying to prevent acupuncturists from practicing. FACT, chiropractors have great acupuncture training. FACT, chiropractors will continue to practice acupuncture in America. Emotion is not science but idle and useless talk. FACTS send a loud and clear message. The amount of thought on the part of most of the no responses is evident. LEGISLATURES TAKE NOTE. PROTECT THE RIGHT
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