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What made you decide to become a licensed acupuncturist or doctor of Oriental medicine?


Personal experience as an acupuncture/TCM patient
Experience of a friend or family member with acupuncture/TCM
Belief in the healing effects of acupuncture/TCM
Wanted to make sick people feel better
Promises of prestige, respect and high income

Total Respondents: 393


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Personal experience as an acupuncture/TCM patient I saw so many instances of acupuncture immediately healing cases that baffled western medicine, I finally caved in, after being a patient for 24 years, and went back to school a third time, this time to get a degree and license in TOM. -- Jerrold Cohen
Personal experience as an acupuncture/TCM patient Actually all of the above except the last. And I have
found in practice that high income is not mine. I
am sure that some acupuncturists make a
fortune, but I don't and neither do any of my
friends. The difficulty of making a good living in
acupuncture should be addressed by the
acupuncture community. One acupuncturist I met
from San Diego said that only about 20% of those
who graduate from acupuncture school are able
to keep a practice going in the San Diego area.
Most either never are able to start a practice, or
start one but don't make enough money to keep it
up, so they turn to something else. I hope you will
be one of the forces that addresses and changes
this. Thank you for your newsletter; I enjoy it very
Belief in the healing effects of acupuncture/TCM As a student of acupuncture being told by various
people that the market is flooded and there won't
be work for me, the last question seems like one
of those release-tension joke questions that a
teacher will occasionally put on a test..... I do
believe in the healing effects of acupuncture and I
am optimistic that more and more people in the
future will see it as not just a viable alternative, but
as an ordinary method of treatment. "Of course I
get acupuncture."
Wanted to make sick people feel better i am a very very gud ductur of acupuncture!!!
  i am not a accupuncture dr. but have used it since 1974 when it first came to the usa. i have recieved good results from it but do not knoqw where to find one herwe in statesboro georgia. any information woulkd be appreciated

Belief in the healing effects of acupuncture/TCM I started out in dietary counseling and then added Shiatsu. I saw that there was more that I needed to know about healing and acupuncture seemed to be the appropriate path for me.

Wanted to make sick people feel better Just me and my co-dependent urge!
Wanted to make sick people feel better Cont. on relaxation...I think being relaxed in whatever we do is of utmost importance to a smooth and progressive success. TCM is the only form of medicine I found to understand the level of importance this has. Although I have discovered that anything can be done with a relaxed state, I have infact discovered this through the help of TCM and it is deserving of my gratitude, eternally.
Wanted to make sick people feel better Wanted to practice a form of natural medicine, and the relaxed philosophy of TCM appealed to me. Though, I am discovering that relaxation is not necessarily part of the equation and could be applied in any form of medicine.
Belief in the healing effects of acupuncture/TCM my joining the acupuncture "experience" was very much like a calling for me -- it not only gave me tools to help others, but also had a profound effect on my life and health processes.

It has been very difficult for me to get established as I have had no financial backing to do so and now owe a tremendous amount in school loans. At 57 working three jobs just isn't in the cards!

However, I am working at it slowly and still have a clear vision of helping others with my skills. I'm a passionate practitioner!

Belief in the healing effects of acupuncture/TCM My name is James. I started as a massage therapist and experienced the subtle yet extremely effective power that touch alone provides. My observations were not fueled by belief but actual observed physiologic change. I also found that touch offered a greater intimacy with my patients personal experience. Our verbal dialogue and the use of touch combine to reveal the true nature of my patients condition. Then, through a partnership with my patient, using simple bodywork techniques my patients were able to realize positive change.
I chose to become a TCM practitioner because no other therapy would as fully allow me to build upon this level of patient interaction and success. I am amazed, at this begining stage of my practice, the depths to which TCM reveals my patients condition and the simple yet wise approach it teachs for my patient's care. I sense an indebtedness to this wonderful Medical approach for its effectiveness, dignity, and wisdom. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

Personal experience as an acupuncture/TCM patient Aside from the loving ministrations of an aunt, I had never received such close and attentive care as that of an acupuncturist. That was just the beginning of a wonderful journey into this healing art and science.

Personal experience as an acupuncture/TCM patient My experience and healing as a result of acupuncture and herbs is nothing short of miraculous. I was deeply depressed, in severe pain, and not sure I wanted to go on. I began to feel something with the very first treatment. I was shocked because I have a Western medical background and was extremely skeptical. For six months I drank raw herb decoctions and had acupuncture twice a week while I weaned off numerous medications (with the support of an MD). The symptoms have never returned but I have treatment often to keep my liver qi flowing smoothly. Not only do I now have the beginning of a new career but the start of a new life. It's unbelievable to go from not wanting to wake up in the morning to knowing now that if I lived to be 500 years old I could never learn all the things I want to learn. I guess my message is that no one is hopeless, no matter what is wrong with them. I just hope I can help someone at least a fraction of how I have been helped.
Wanted to make sick people feel better I studied TCM because of my own personal healing
experience with qi gong. For more than ten years, I
worked in the western medical community, and always
marvelled at the "missing pieces" in healing. I found
those pieces through my own healing I
chose to study it... and now I am able to help others.
Working with qi is a simple and yet amazingly powerful
experience. It gives me the greatest joy to be able to
show others how to discover their complete selves...
and how to access their own healing power from within.
TCM, to me, is an art form and a science. Because it
is subtle and natural, it can reach where other
methods cannot. I look forward to many years of happy
healing and watching our art of healing blossom and
grow into a more mainstream place in health care in

Promises of prestige, respect and high income Acupuncture is an alternative medicine.
Belief in the healing effects of acupuncture/TCM I am a nurse, and practiced nursing for 20 years before deciding to pursue a career in acupuncture. So many times, patients would come with complaints, and all the "usual routine tests" would be negative, and their doctors pretty much gave up on them - saying " we can't find anything wrong." I knew there had to be another way, another answer. I've found that Traditional Oriental Medicine offers another way of looking at a patient's signs and symptoms - and provides diagnoses and treatment options which western medicine would never have considered.
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