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How often do you, an acupuncturist, receive acupuncture from someone else?


More than once a week
Once a week
Once or twice a month
Less than once a month

Total Respondents: 194


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Once or twice a month It is important to keep up your own pulse readings and monitor your own health. I do this each week or whenever I believe I am out of balance or 'off-colour'. To this end I recommend all patients to come in to have their pulses read and balanced every season for preventative care. This is acknowledged TCM practise. If we don't look after ourselves, how can we care for our patients?
Less than once a month I stick myself for the most part

More than once a week When I need treatment, I will commit to a 2 to 3 times per week treatment schedule for 3 to 6 weeks.
Less than once a month I get a treatment once a season or if I am sick. I get massage once every week or so, and practice Tai Chi Chuan and Ba Gua. The latter two activities have been key in maintaining and increasing my health. I treat myself with herbs as necessary. I do my best to be as strong, vital and stagnation free as I can. My patients seem to get better faster when I am.

Never My problems are easily addressed with Korean hand AP and herbals formulas.

Once or twice a month important as a reminder of the importance of careful needling and of course to regularly experience ones own medical modality.
Less than once a month I hope to increase my treatments when I become a "working" acupuncurist (making money that is). Good Luck and Thanks. BW
Once or twice a month Would like to do it twice a week; am trying to allow myself the time to do so and combining it with my Tai Qi practice.
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