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Poll Results for the following Question:

Which therapy do you perform or provide least often?


Herbal remedies
Magnets or magnet therapy
Tuina or other massage techniques
Diet and lifestyle advice

Total Respondents: 303


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Tuina or other massage techniques I believe tui na is in the realm of the massage profession. Massage therapists are the authority on massage and body work. They are in control of their own continuing education programs and they do not need to be accredited by or take the NCCAOM exams to practice tui na, anma, shiatsu, etc. We (the political OM community) are like dogs and have our noses where they don't belong.
 I would like to encourage the acupuncture community to learn about magnet therapy. I have used magnetic insoles (the good kind) for diabetic neuropathy with remarkable results. I have seen toes with a purple tinge turn back to a normal color much faster than with acupuncture alone. We will be hearing of some remarkable studies soon. There is potential to help save numerous limbs. Patients need to have valid information backed by studies to help them decide if magnetic therapy is for them. Any questions please feel free to contact me at
Tuina or other massage techniques Since New Mexico and Arkansas DOMs Have perscriptive authority.

why dont you print articles dealing with the full scope or oriental Medicine.

If we dont show it is part of OM how can we advance Scopes of practice

Dan Martin Dom Arkansas

Magnets or magnet therapy I don't use magnets. I have yet to find any compelling evidence for their use.

Magnets or magnet therapy Professionally speaking, the correct spelling is "acupuncturist" rather than "acupunctureist". This is in reference to the paragraph addressing "...inappropriate or meaningless language."
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