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Have you ever referred a patient to a medical doctor or chiropractor for treatment?



Total Respondents: 286


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Yes I work together in three separate medical offices, two of them have Chiropractors. I have no problem referring my patients for either medical consult with an MD Specialist or Chiropractor.

Yes Our most important duty is determining what is in the best interest of the patient. Sometimes, that means a portion of their needs will be better served by a different type of physician. Sometimes, a patient needs are not at all amenable to our methods.

Also, froma business perspective, if we want referals from MDs & DCs, we should be willing to make referals to them where appropriate.

Yes A referral was only made a) to an MD if further medical diagnostic testing was required.
b)to both in conditions where the patient would not consent to needles or there was non-compliancy with the schedule of visits.

Yes Chiropractic physicians understand our profession since they founded it. They have helped us in the past and will continue to do so if we don't get carried away with our own arrogance.

Yes I will refer to an allopathic phisician without hesitation when indicated as well all should.

Yes In my experience, chiropractic and acupuncture are very effective together. When a musculoskeletal disorder doesn't respond as expected to acupuncture, chiropractic has often been very helpful. And also, when chiropractic has apparently reached a plateau for a patient, with many treatments and unstable results, acupuncture has made the difference in giving the patient better and more longlasting results.

Yes There are times when an acupuncturist's expertise in certain cases is not best for the patient; ie, back/neck pain, where there is no change after several treatments is a good example to refer out.

Yes There are times when an acupuncturist's expertise in certain cases is not best for the patient; ie, back/neck pain, is a good example to refer out.

Yes I do so whenever it seems to be required for the patient.

Yes I am fortunate enough to work in an office that is truly "integrative". Not only do I work alongside MD's and DO's, but also chiropractors, massage therapists, a PT and exercise physiologists. We refer to one another all the time. We also have bi-monthly staff meetings with a physician. I only wish there were more doctors who realize the value of other modalities and the necessity of working with each other, not for our sakes, but for the quality of healthcare for the patients.

Yes Yes! Since chiropractic physicians were the first to formally teach and perform reasearch on acupuncture in the United States they understand its importance. They also respect my referrel to them and will only perform chiropractic and send the patient back for their follow up acupuncture treatments. This helps to solidify the importance of acupuncture in the patients mind. I find there is only a small portion of medical physicians that are open minded enough to not talk their patients out of seeing an acupuncturist and most do not refer back. If I had to choose, I would refer to the chiropractic physician who has been trained in, and practices acupuncture. It is also legally and medically prudent to refer if the condition is out of our scope, understanding or the person is not responding to treatment. It is foolish to believe the one type of medicine has all the answers.

No I have never felt the need was sufficient to warrant the referral to a western medical physician . I believe that the chiropractic referral has merit for some conditions and I would not hesitate to make such a recomendation. The majority of my patient/clients have sought me out as a medical alternative to the abuse which they have experienced at the hands of Western Medical practioners. I have found great misunderstanding on the part of western physicians in the functioning of the human system. The diagnosis is too general and the drugs are too hot or cold. I could not in good conscience make a recommendation of referral to a patient/client for a western physcian.

Yes Mostly referred for rule out of serious high risk problems.
Yes I believe that this approach is putting the idea of "integrative medicine" into action. If practitioners of other "more established" modalities see us as cohorts rather than threats they are more likely to respond in kind (I hope).
 I am an acupuncturist in pakistan. I am visiting every acupuncture site, but I find this site is very informative, educated and full of resurches. I am founder & Gen. Sacretory of Jhelum Alternative Association Pakistan.
I am very thankful to your Group. If can I help you I felt grateness and happiness.

Dr. Muhammad Imran Qureshi
D.H.M.S., D.Ac.
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