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What is the state of your practice compared to five years ago?


About the same

Total Respondents: 158


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Better Things are improving for me, not only within my practice, but I see greater acceptance in my community from lay people as well as other healthcare providers. One PT even told my patient to stick with the acupuncture as it would help him more than physical therapy!
 Definately better! Five years ago I was in school and paying to get to practice, now I am in my clinic (which I made sure each room has it's own music, unlike the school's clinic where you could hear those next door) and get paid to treat. My money is still going towards my education, though..... time and patients :) will bring that to an end!!!
Better Curious as it may seem, my success came from detaching myself from the "machine" of insurance billing. I run a strictly cash practice. This and of itself reduced my operating expenses by 65%. No billing, no need for billing personel. No expense of bribing lawyers to send personal injury cases. No waiting forever to get paid. As of this writing I still have over $26,000.00 in uncollected billing on two cases that have been settled. You can keep insurance billing.

Better But don't request your local colleague to cover your practice during your absence; you're likely to come back and find a] they didn't follow your policies and procedures and b] you may have lost some of your patients to them. if you need to have coverage, find someone out of the area. That's my big lesson on keeping my practice intact.
Better Just hang in there; acu. is on the rise, and people are getting familiar with it.

Better I know more and I don't lose so many people.
Better acupuncture is best alternative for incurebel.

Worse ok
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