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How effective is your state association in meeting the needs of the acupuncture and Oriental medicine profession in your state?


Very effective
Somewhat effective
Somewhat ineffective
Very ineffective

Total Respondents: 330


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Very ineffective In ND, SD, Wis., in most of the states I've been in, finding a good & properly-trained acupuncturist is like hunting for geese that lay golden eggs. The hunting is great; the finding is lousy. And the arrogance of the majority culture being what it is, asking a state medical association is generally met with rude responses.
I do acupressure, almost exclusively for pain relief, & am searching for points for treating epilepsy in one client. I wasn't trained in their use, because the state I studied in considered use of those points "practicing medicine". My observation is, if they knew everything in the majority culture's medicine, they'd have all the cures. They don't.
Many blessings.

Somewhat effective Florida
Somewhat effective Secured Horizons is my medicare HMO and they won't cover acupuncture. I'm at a point that I want very little to do with western medicine, their mercenary pharmaceuticals, and the side effects which in a lot
of cases are worse that the problem they are trying to treat. I have used acupuncture with much success in past years; and from now on I'm moving to an HMO
like Kaiser, Blue Cross, etc, which agree with this
treatment. I want acupuncture and herb remedies to
take care of whatever health problems I have, that they can treat. All HMO'S should offer coverage, unfortunately de majority of the medical profession is against it.
Very effective I feel that CSOMA does a great job within the boundries that it is forced to work. The fact is, that it can only do what it can afford to do. In reality, it needs the support of the practitioners to fully function and in my opinion, most of the practioners are either too cheap or too empathetic to even join a state organization, much less participate. We will never be anything to deal with for the insurance companies, the C.M.A. or the polititions until we are strongly united and have some finaancial strength.
Martin Haines, L.Ac.

Very effective The Maryland Acupuncture Society is proactive at the State Government level and brings excellent continuing education workshops to the members.
Very ineffective I live in Iowa. There are a handful of acupuncturists ... but like most other things, we sit and wait for trends that develop on either coast to creep up on us.

Somewhat ineffective The California state associations could be doing a much better job for the profession in the state if they would work to find common ground with the national organizations and school community. Bashing national organizations such as CCAOM, NCCAOM, Alliance, ACAOM and the colleges on the CAOMA and CSOMA web sites with statements of questionable accuracy doesnt help and presents our state associations to the public as unprofessional, petty and ineffective. Nor does it help to take a hostile posture towards those groups. Just think how much more could be accomplished for the profession in CA if the state associations, national organizations and the college community could find common ground and work together for the betterment of the profession. CAOMA, CSOMA and the other state associations have much more work to do in this regard. We should all expect much better from our state representatives.
Very effective refering to California.

Very ineffective Too much in-fighting, ego-drivin politics! Our own oath is " First Do No
Harm"......the second oath SHOULD BE: 'DO NO HARM TO ONE'S
PROFESSION"......In a state where many "off-shore" professionals find it
difficult to obtain licensing in the US, it is far to easy to practice outside
what little standards we have established. I'm not sure the answer is more
dictates via government. It has been proved that the general public is
more than willling to pay for "alternative" health services out of pocket and I
believe the reason for this, in part, is that they feel the service is more

Somewhat effective The AAW is overly focused on issues of insurance
coverage, and has been since such coverage
Very ineffective There is no network, no ads for leasing/renting, space or ways to interconnect. Very little support.
Is like living in the North Pole.
Sad but true.

Somewhat effective I have moved from Florida to New York, and am greatly
disappointed with the New York State Association.
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