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How much did it cost you to attend acupuncture school?


Less than $15,000
More than $60,000

Total Respondents: 414


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$30,000-$45,000 I am a 34 year old from Miami looking to start my studies in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. 35,000.00 for a period of 3 years.
Is that Correct? anyone...

$30,000-$45,000 I think that this is a good question and should be followed up with finding out how much money licensed acupuncturist's are making on average.

$15,000-$30,000 not counting books, a car that got great mileage and lost time from work but I'd do it all over again!!!!!!!!!!

More than $60,000 When I went to school there were basically three types of students. The first type were financed either by their parents or their spouses. They took a leisurely approach, left school with no loans and now have the luxury of spending all their time building practices. The second group worked part-time to reduce the amount of student loans. This group typically graduated with about $40k in loans. They continued working after graduation and therefore more slowly are building practices. The last group took out full loans and typically graduated with around $80k in debt. This is the group that is struggling the most. When you graduate from acupuncture school, you're not going to get a salaried position in some hospital or medical center like an M.D. would. You're building a business, which is a feat that most acupuncturists are not equipped to handle. You need capital to build a business so that it survives. Graduating with $80k in debt is almost a prescription for failure in my opinion. I don't know how these classmates are faring. No matter how you cut it, going into this profession is expensive, mainly because so much of it is business once you get out. It's unfortunate that you're forced to become an entrepreneur instead of just a healer, but that seems to be the reality at this time.

More than $60,000 With student loan money, it cost about $97,000!

$15,000-$30,000  The increses in the cost of acupuncture school are mainly
due to the increse in requirements for western medicne, this
is not benifical for acupuncture students.

$30,000-$45,000 The cost of an acupuncture education today not only includes the costs for the curriculum and its overhead, but the costs of accreditation and costs of the requirements for accreditation, making most acupuncture programs definately a bargain!

 I love TCM, and hope that all the hard work pays off in which I can make a descent living and pay my school loans off. Although know that I have practiced for two years, and have seen all the politics involved in medicine it really frustrates me that TCM is very hard to make a living at do to insurnces and medicare not excepting acupuncture, from L.Ac! It really makes me think that I have made a big mistake in my life, for going in debt to get my degree in TCM, for it is very expensive and the public in general do not understand the benifits of TCM, and the insurances along with medicare make it real hard to stay in practice. I,pray to god that TCM will grow, for most L,Ac really do this to help people, but need to be able to make a living, or else TCM will faid away to those MD,ND,DC,with little or know experience in TCM will be the ones sticking needles in patients with know background in TCM, because of the lack of respect for L.Ac from the public, insurances and other professionals out there, and the ability for others to step over and practice with no training! I, was trained in TCM, along with Tui-Na manipulations of the spine, but the chiropractic profession will not allow me to do this in practice, since I did not go to school for 4 years in chiroprctic.....HMMMMM, but yet a DC CAN TAKE A WEEKEND COURSE AND PRACTICE ACUPUNCTURE, DOES NOT MAKE SENSE, AND IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!
$30,000-$45,000 If you dont pay off the loan on time, the costs are much higher due to interest.
More than $60,000 With living expenses and tuition, well over $60,000. Turning my brain inside out, due to the fact that I was heading toward Western Medicine until I discovered the blessing of acupuncture, there was alot of blood, stagnated and deficient, Qi, stagnated and deficient, emotional ecstacy and trauma, yin/yang homeostasis issues, SP Qi deficiency, LIV QI deficiency, stagnation, Yang rising, and all the many other Eastern medicine diagnoses that I manifested, I find that it was ALL worth it and the best thing is, my diploma has my original birth name, not my maried name, due to the fact that I went through a difficult divorce during the time of travelling down my special and blessed pathway to a beautiful new occupation and a master's degree of science specializing in acupuncture and herbal therapy!!! When that wonderful ex-husband, who taught me more about life than I ever thought I could learn, left our 23 year marriage 14 years ago, I had only a HIGH SCHOOL diploma and he had, over the 23 years, managed to obtain a bachelor's degree in accounting and his Certified Public Accountant designation AND was and is the owner of a thriving accounting practice.

I do think and now know that my marriage was unbalanced and it was NOT balanced in MY favor. Thank you God for the experience and thank you God for your care and delivery from that time in my life. NOW.....WOMAN POWER HAS TAKEN OVER, WATCH ME ROAR AND SOAR FROM TODAY FORWARD!!! Happy as a butterfuly who has found her wings!!! ALL and I pray that our paths cross one day! Fran Ammons, LAc., Acupuncture Medical and Pain Center, 1310 SE Maynard Road, Suite 202, Cary, NC 27511, 919-481-2311

More than $60,000 Tuition and books; around $42k. Living expenses for 4 years; around $55k. Psychological toll taken; priceless.
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