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How many patients do you refer out to medical doctors or chiropractors each month?


Less than 5
Between 6 and 10
Between 11 and 25
More than 25

Total Respondents: 230


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Between 6 and 10 And I get more referrals back from MD's and DO's as well as Chiro's, 13 this month so far.
Less than 5 Usually only refer to Applied Kinesiologists because many patients in the office travel from different states and are unable to travel to my office each time to be treated. I refer patients with cancer to oncologists. I refer few to other chiros for radiologic examination.

Between 6 and 10 I typically get more referrals from Chiro's or M.D.'s since
most of my patients have already tried anything else
besides Oriental Medicine first.

Also... Just to point out. Perhaps this question should be
one of percentage, not numbers. For example, if the
average acupuncturist sees 30 or so patiients per week
(120 a month), then sending out 20 or so patients per month
is a sizeable percentage. I see 80+ patients per week. For
me that same number is a smaller percentage.

Perhaps we should ask, what types of conditions do OM
practitioners refer out for, and what percentage of patients
get referred out.

Less than 5 I don't refer many people to MDs, however, I do frequently make referrals to a specific chiro who has a physical therapy orientation, also to a psychologist I like and to other acupuncturists with specific specialties.
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