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When you provide your patients with herbal remedies, what form do you use most often?


Raw or drieds herbs
Pills or tablets
Liquid Extract
Granular Extract

Total Respondents: 857


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Pills or tablets 

Liquid Extract they also like them drinks and liquids and you know what

Granular Extract aa

Granular Extract aa

Pills or tablets I find that patients do comply better with tablets, pills even powders. Most westerners, not all, are not used to some of the strong tastes of herbal decoctions. I had excellent training in herbal therapy and began my practice with decoctions and most people would not comply with the regimen. Also time consumption and even patients that have come to see me and have seen another before me have told me of how they were given such and such herbs and they just did not take them because of the inconvenience. I have great results with most patent pills and combine simple formulas and may give some simple teas on the side to complement. I feel that sometimes if the case is severe enough then the patient can be adviced to take some decoction and encouraged to do so in order to really see results.

Pills or tablets i agree with him below me

Raw or drieds herbs yes you do!!!
Pills or tablets I would rather prescribe granular, or raw herbs, but I find that the pills can be easily taken to work, or play, therefore compliance is better. Also I live & work in S.Florida where the weather is warm and damp, and raw herbs sometimes get moldy.

Pills or tablets i prefer well know manufacturer company and prefer pils and tablets so people can carry them in there bag. most of the people may not deslike the smell or taste of herbal extract so they do not get frecky about it even though some tincture or liquid is more good than dry tablets but it do stop the questioning.
Pills or tablets In this region, SE Wisconsin, I find that clients tend to decline the use of raw or dried herbs. The reason tends to be the taste. They prefer the use of pills or tablets and I have better compliance with the pills or tablet form of herbal use.

Pills or tablets When I began my practice I used only raw herbs and discovered a number of people had trouble in that it was too much work, tasted bad or smelled up the house. Then I cooked the herbs and gave out the cooked herbs in half gallon jars. Over the years I eventually started using patent formulas made in the US as they became more available and were "clean" and there were enough formulas being made to cover most situations. I then used granules to make specific formulas as need. In the patents I use equally liquid extracts (where I can combine myself) and pills depending on the formula and the client. I generally start someone with a basic formula and make a specific granule formulas after.

Granular Extract Powdered Extracts

Pills or tablets Most americans won't cook the herbs and don't like the taste.

Powders no comment

Pills or tablets What's al this superiority complex given by practitioners who give raw herbs? I've obtained great results with people taking higher doses of prepared tablets.

The time and space requirements to keep herbs on hand at the office is unrealistic. The smell, the bugs, etc. Now we can order bulk herb formulas to be mailed directly to the patients.

Patient compliance is much lower when they must cook and drink herbs. They complain that it tastes bad and cooking stinks up their home.

I agree that bulk are are best and give the best result, but only if they are used at the appropriate dose and frequency.

I graduated from OCOM and found their herbal training excellent. As with any program, one gets out what one puts in. There is much study and memorization involved when initially comprehending TCM herbal medicine. I am very confident making raw herb formulas and have helped many patients over the years, however the last few years I have switched to granule and tablet prescriptions.

Raw or drieds herbs The professional standard of practice in China is an
individualized raw decoction (of course, not in all cases, but
in gerneral this is the case). It is professionally
irresponsible for us to claim that we are practicing the
professional level of Oriental Medicine while giving our
patients patents (which are really the OTC versions of our

Practitioners should remember that we are the doctors, the
patients are the patients. If we tell them what to do, in most
cases they will do it. I run a very busy practice in the tristate
area. At least 2/3 of my patients take herbs. Out of the
patients who do take herbs at least 3/4 use raw herbal

As a teacher of OM I can say that most practitioners do not
use raw herbs because they have had inadequate training
or do not spend the time necessary to learn their use.
Granular Extract Iam very proud to be a Chiropractor in LaPorte, IN. My wife who has graduated from Purdue with a BS in Behaviorial Science and her Master from Valparaiso University in Clinical mental counseling. She is interested in acupuncture. Where and how much study does she need to fulfill her obligation to the state of Indiana for her accuncturist license? Thank you,
Jim Blalock DC

Pills or tablets Tried raw but most patients don't want to spend the time to prepare them. They are use to taking pills.
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