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Do you think your state association does a good job of representing and/or supporting the profession's interests in your state?



Total Respondents: 281


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No The Maine association is a joke.

No Our state association (Maryland) has done next to nothing to negotiate with the insurance industry to ensure that L.Ac.'s are appropriately reimbursed and covered by insurance. We may only bill for 97780 CPT code and the rate is usually less than half the going rate for a treatment. And we do not receive payment without hours on the phone and jumping through endless hoops designed to delay our payments.

No I have a license in two states: California and Arizona. Moving over from California, I've been very disappointed with the way our profession is represented in Arizona. Very disappointed!!

I'm sorry,... BUT the practice of Acupuncture in Arizona is in a very sad state of affairs, and the association (s) there are very weak. They do not want to take the action to challenge the system to promote and advance the practice of Oriental Medicine.

No Many colleagues are only interested in furthering their interest. At this pace Medicine will never respect Acupuncture until the profession and members learn to respect themselves

No It is a government organization with little knowledge of acupuncture.

 I am trying to find out if acupuncture works for persistent headaches.
Yes acupuncture should be given due recognition at state level as it s science at par with all other duly recognised medical disciplines.
Yes I think Massachusetts does a good in recognizing acupuncture as a profession but does nothing to help integrate TCM with our Western methods. Doctors here seem to recommend acupunucture as a last resort and not just another option of health care.

Ryan Holohan
Muscular Therapist

Yes The Maryland Acupuncture Society is well run and has had a significant impact not only in Maryland but at the Federal level due to our close proximity to DC and the employment from membership funds, of a lobbyist. It is an excellent model for those wishing to form in other states.

No No.. New Hamopshire is seriously hurtung for money for education reform and property taxes are outrageous. We all want a casino to be built for entertainment purposes as well as aiding in education money. But the NH Govt. said gambling in NH is illegal, therfore no casino. However.. NH's Govt. allows the NH lotto to continue and even expand in how many different number games it offers. We even have Bingo, Horse and Dog track betting and scrathc tickets. Now if that isnt gambling, then i dont know what is. I guess its all in the definition... just like Pres. Bill Clinton asking what the Definition if "IS" is..
No I just recently relocated to Michigan and am finding that Acupuncture is in need of some great support and recognition here. I know there are acupuncturists here who are fighting for the legitimization of the profession through recommended educational requirements as well as licensing requirements...but from what I've heard...there's a looong way to go. I'm hoping that we can make a person at a time and one day at a time!!


Beth Kohn

Yes Missouri's acupuncture association has become quite active and effective over the past few years....good leadership!
Yes Maryland has a very active association and often takes the lead on many national issues. We also have a lobbyist, who is well worth the money.
Yes I practice in three jurisdictions with three licenses. Two of the three satte associations are long established and responsible for establishing and maintaining excellent practice acts. The third is newly established and is also doing a good job, considering that it has functioned for only a year.
No I moved to Ohio from Maryland and my understanding so far is that it is hard to even form an association within the practitioner arena! I am just starting the process of getting other acupuncturists together (there are less than 50 licensed Acupuncturists in the entire state)and have heard very disturbing comments concerning the lack of support for such an organization. Having practiced for 14 years I am excited and at the same time disappointed in the lack of movement from the already existing practitioners that live here.

No In NJ? Are you kidding?

Yes I am a relatively new Acupuncture practitioner,but I have been a Registered Nurse for more than 30 years and I have been and continue to be very impressed with my state's Acupuncture association. There is such a tremendous level of professionalism and ongoing communication with all members. I had not experienced this within the state's nursing association.

No The acupuncture organization in MN should consider taking a more proactive stance. Many issues are not or have not been dealt with very well. The profession as a whole has suffered respect, lacks insurance parity and is practiced by a majority on a part-time basis. There are many reasons for this and yet a forward thinking organization is needed to help change this. First, the association should consider working to help create a separate Board of OM. As it stands there are questionable practitioners who hold themselves out to the public through the misusage of a protected title such as licensed acupuncturist. Many have little to no training in acupuncture and practice under another license. This lack of control by the appropriate Boards only works to undermine who we are and appears to be illegal under the current statutes. Legitimate practitioners of acupuncture have submitted names to the appropriate Board with few if any repercussions and so the misrepresentation continues. In John Amaro's recent article, he mentions the concept of respect for these poorly trained providers. There can be little professional respect for providers who try to legislate inclusion of techniques for which they are not properly trained. Providers who want to practice this modality should graduate from accredited programs and attain the proper licensing and NCCAOM certification. Secondly, the association may want to begin a grassroots public educational campaign for this purpose. Very little gets done at the government level without public support. This issue is about the public safety and about adequate oversight, both are lacking. Acupuncture is growing to be one of the most popular healthcare modalities, one of the best ways to ensure better public safety and higher level practice is to push for a legislative change.

No CSOMA yes, CAOMA no.

No In California, the state associations need to restore and improve relations with the nationals. The fights between our state groups and the nationals have hurt the entire CA profession.
No The Arizona association is laughable.
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