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Do you support the efforts of the Vision Search Task Force (VSTF) in trying to unite the profession?


Not sure

Total Respondents: 324


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Yes Acupuncture is source from chinese's long term research ,Someone like Three Country Dynasty 's famous Doctor HuaTuo, who can see Qi's(Qi is energy the life) stream in the JinLuo(the Way that Qi travde Named JinLuo) , When some reason for Example
(hot ,cold,wet...)'s energy or sputum ,silt up blood stoped Qi's body circle move, then illness formed.

Acupucture can help to recove Qi to JinLuo(...)
make body strong,and more health and get will .
Yes My sister has nuerapothy in her feet. She is 50 and in constant pain and it is progressing rapidly. She is on Nueraton now. I'm taking her to an Acupunture Therpist as an option as nothing seems to be working for her to releive the constant pain.

Yes Given the acrimonious tenor of debates on the part of some vocal individuals as they push their various agendas for the profession (particularly from California), why would anyone not support efforts to facilitate unity? The lack of unity and preponderence of unprofessional communications on issues of importance to the profession is the reason why we are not nearly as effective in promoting the profession's interests as we could be.

Yes Uniting the profession is very important. If there is even a chance that the VSTF can do this, the profession should support the process. It's pretty clear that the profession has lost its way and its effectiveness through infighting. This needs to stop (and we need to come together) if we are to effectively further the interests of our profession.

Yes The previous comment that "VSTF is controlled by school employees and their affiliates...", that VSTF "serves to delay advancement in educational standards..." is pure BS. Most of the members of the VSTF are practitioners and the VSTF doesn't "establish the vision", but instead puts together the process by which a vision will be established BY THE PROFESSION.

In terms of the comment that VSTF "has yet to acknowledge the long-standing vision of the oriental medicine profession to have an entry-level doctorate" the fact that the profession is actually split on this question is reason to seek to develop a vision for the profession. The fact that it is the profession not members of the VSTF that establish the "vision" is probably one of the key reasons why the VSTF has not been publicly commenting on the "doctoral as entry level issue."
No 1. The VSTF is controlled by school employees and their affiliates (note that the spokespersons and co-authors of VSTF reports are both full-time school adminstrators), and is seeking to usurp, rather than catalog, the vision of the profession. 2. The VSTF serves to delay advancement in educational standards (schools see higher profit margins when they provide cheap courses in theory and philosophy rather then training in complex clinical skills). 3.The VSTF has yet to acknowledge the long-standing vision of the oriental medicine profession to have an entry-level doctorate. 4. The reportings of the VSTF hearings have been heavily biased, and do not reflect the full content of those meetings. The first public hearing was a joke, with one speaker telling stories for almost ten minutes without making any point whatsoever, and most others waxing poetic about their fantasies of the past or fantasies of future (sometimes you could not tell the difference).

Efforts? What efforts?

Yes What choice does the profession have? While a few very vocal and destructive individuals are busy trying to tear others within the profession apart particularly from California, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, etc. are attempting to peal away our profession by expanding their scopes of practice in acupuncture based on unethical standards of training, the FDA is seeking to limit our pharmacopia, insurance companies/and worker's comp systems are denying or limiting coverage for our services, and the list goes on. Again, we have no choice. Either we get it together as a profession so we are all working together cooperatively instead of at cross purposes, or the profession will continue suffer irreparable damage. Everyone who truly cares about the profession should support the work of the Vision Search Task Force. That is a non-brainer.

Yes Maybe the VSTF process can result in a unification of those from CA with the rest of the country.

Yes Establishing a vision for the profession is critical if we are to unite as a profession and heal the bitter disputes that have divided us all.

Yes I support the work of the VSTF without any reservations. The profession has been bickering too long over everything from scope of practice and educational standards to certification and this has divided us and weakened the entire profession. If a consensus vision for the future of the profession can be acheived, it will go a long way towards bringing us as a profession together and allowing us to focus our limited resources on the real external threats that the profession faces.

Yes This type of healing has been used for thousands of years,if we can, let us incorporate it and anything else in the healing arts that will help mankind, into the professions.

Not sure I believe the VSTF has many valid arguments, however these individuals should be brought to fully realize the benefit of non-commercialization of centuries-old medicinal practices and the potential for disaster with the 'uniting' of the profession.

..thanks.. -long island, NY
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