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How well did the education and training you received in school prepare you to practice acupuncture?


The training and education I received were excellent.
The training and education I received were above average.
The training and education I received were average.
The training and education I received were below average.
The training and education I received did not adequately prepare me to practice.

Total Respondents: 878


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The training and education I received were excellent. Acupuncture is the best therapy!

The training and education I received were excellent. nesa's greatest strentgh was it's diverse and
experienced faculty. I graduated in 2001. I hope they
strive to maintain that breadth and dept

 Commenting here because nowhere else appropriate -
Regarding ACAOM administration: the unprofessionalism displayed by the accreditation processing activities my school has experienced is enough to make me believe that all is not right at headquarters. They don't detail expenses for travel when the totals are in the thousands. They don't schedule site visits months ahead of time to get low fares. They don't allow the school to select the hotel when they spend so little time there that it shouldn't matter if it's very luxe or medium accommodation. They don't respond promptly to letters or emails. They don't rewrite the handbook to clarify poor English - even their latest edition was a re-organization rather than a re-write. They don't even order healthy snacks at commission meetings - giving the impression that TCM dietary recommendations are good enough for our clients but don't apply to those specimens of good health that are our regulators. The latter may seem picky, but as Bob Flaws implied, appearances count.

They pick on things in the accreditation action letter that are not specified in the Handbook. If you don't spell out what you want, criticizing us for failing to infer something in ER 2 (just meet all legal requirements, ok?) is unprofessional. It is also careless for them not to bother to spell out in ER 2 the list of federal laws that require compliance. If ACAOM can't be bothered to be specific - what would it take - a few days of work? - why are they in the accreditation business, a business dependent on proving that we have or have not met specific criteria.

I would also like the Commissioners to look at how few schools achieve the full 5 years of reaccreditation. If your standards are reasonable, shouldn't they be achievable by 40-60% of those schools that have experience (several cycles of reaccreditation) attempting to meet them?

If I worked in this manner at my institution I would no longer have a job.

The training and education I received did not adequately prepare me to practice. My acupuncture school teachers were wonderful. Unfortunately, m
ost of them barely spoke English, so were scarcely able to c
ommunicate beyond reading prepared texts. Many were from C
hina, and had not been taught to use acupuncture in the myriad w
ays that are available; they relied primarily on herbal medicine.

The second problem was that the clinic was not well run. There w
ere frequently few patients, and they were not grouped so that we c
ould study a particular problem, e.g., pain (a pain clinic), or f
emale problems (a women's clinic).

I learned what I know of acupuncture after I graduated and passed t
he state boards -- at continuing education courses, and from o
ther acupuncturists.

I hope someone will do better in the future.

The training and education I received were below average. After receiving education in the field of Western medicine, I felt that the course taught in the OM program were taught with less than qualified instructors. Instructors but not necessary teachers.
The training and education I received were excellent. I graduated from NESA ( New England School of Acupuncture) in Belmont, Massachusetts. I received an outstanding education, both theoretical and clnical, consequently (also) feel indebted to many of the wonderful instructors in that program.

The training and education I received were excellent. I am a graduate of NESA (New England School of
Acupuncture) and I feel it was an excellent training program.
For sure, every school has issues and places where it can
improve or grow, but I was and continue to be pleased with
my training and my continued interaction with other NESA
alumni. I have taught at other east coast schools and think
that there are many good programs, but NESA is one of the
best. Thumbs up!
The training and education I received were excellent. The actual TCM training was great (although I think pulse diagnosis needed to be taught more thoroughly, in a more experiential manner). The longer I'm out of school and in a successful practice, the better I can look back and appreciate just how well indeed I was taught. My one complaint is that I wish we had been given more (some!) exposure to business and marketing practices. What a hard learning-by-doing it's been!
The training and education I received were excellent. Pacific College in San Diego was an excellent source of training. My apprenticeship was even more helpful with clinical skills and confidence building.

The training and education I received were excellent. However, I feel that there is so much more I need to learn. Eventhough I received my license in October 2003, I've already taken more than 200 CEUs.
The training and education I received were above average. The educational aspect of Midwest college of oriental medicine was above average,but the administrative NIGHTMARE I was constantly presented with was the biggest mess I have ever encountered. My viewpoint which are shared with a majority of the students who have attended. The distraction of the administrative quagmire took away from the initial focus of the wonderful field of medicine. Cautionary note to those wishing to attend in IL.

The training and education I received were excellent. My training program was excellent and I felt I was fully prepared for professional practice upon graduation. No complaints.

The training and education I received were above average. I went to one of the most well known schools in CA and feel that m
y education in TCM was very good but was lacking in several areas t
hat are required to be successful in private practice. There was n
ot enough class work in the areas of insurance billing, collections, b
usiness management, and legal issues related to the profession. I h
ope that in the future more programs take these areas seriously a
s it no surprise that only 25% of the TCM grads are still in practice a
fter 5 years.
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