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Do you belong to a managed care network? If so, how many networks do you belong to?


Yes, 1-2 networks
Yes, 3-4 networks
Yes, 5 or more networks
I am not part of a managed care network

Total Respondents: 107


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I am not part of a managed care network Many Insurance and managed care networks out there treat acupunturists as second class citizens compared to other healthcare provider or excludes them totally. Imagine being reimbursed no more than $20 for each treatment (sometimes limited to 5-10 times or maximum of $200 payment for the year). We pay more for a haircut or grooming for our pets. There are all kinds of specialty network owned by its practitioners --- cardiology, anesthesiology, pain management, etc. but not acupuncture speciality networks (without chiropractors). Certain networks are formed to help its practitioners negotiate better reimbursements rates, obtain optimal and lucrative direct contracting agreements with large employers, insurers, and government agencies, joint marketing, etc. Acupuncturists need to start thinking outside the box and collectively exploring other reimbursement and marketing strategies to help define their true financial value in the healthcare system instead of joining an antiquated and exclusive managed care network. J. Lara, CEO,
I am not part of a managed care network I did not like what the present Networks have to offer to the acupuncturist and their patients, so I am starting one. Please stand by ... There is always a solution, my adviser has 23 years working with health insurance networks and understands acupuncture and its results.

I am not part of a managed care network Part of me wants my patients to be able to use insurance to
pay for treatment. However, I do not, nor do I hope to ever,
become involved in billing directly to insurance companies.
I fear that our profession will end up suffering the same
problems chiropractic does if we become heavily involved
in insurance programs.

I see about 75 patients a week average. All patients pay
directly out of pocket. Those with insurance submit for
reimbursement. There is no need for us to become involved
with managed care networks.
Yes, 1-2 networks If by managed care network you mean provider network. I belong to Alternare and First Choice and have appled to AHWN. It is with great reluctance that I am apart of the insurance scheme, but most patients ask for it or at least expect it. Since I opened my practice in Feb of 2004 it is slow and the hope is that being in a directory will bring in patients. We shall see.
Rebecca Maxim RN, L.Ac.

I am not part of a managed care network Although I've thought about responding to the many "invitations" I receive, I've heard some horror stories about demanding records and holding payments.
Yes, 1-2 networks My HMO does not cover any alternative therapies including acupuncture.

Yes, 1-2 networks Managed care is a good option from a cost perspective, however, I find them very cumbersome to deal with regarding what's coverage, approvals, referrals and payments for non-standard things. I believe today's health care consumer seeks high quality, low-hassle health care plans that allow for as much flexibility as possible, at a reasonable prices (not necessarily the lowest cost).
I am not part of a managed care network It was better for me to remain out of network. I didn't want the managed care companies to set my rates or dictate my practice. I am now reconsidering.Any advise out there?
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