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How will you celebrate Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day?


I will offer free/discounted treatments
I will provide free lectures and workshops
I will campaign to have a proclamation recognizing AOM Day in my town
I will hold an open house at my practice
All of the above
I will not be celebrating AOM Day

Total Respondents: 422


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I will provide free lectures and workshops Free Lecture and Workship is the best metohode to make awareness on more people about the acupuncture

I will not be celebrating AOM Day Why is it that acupuncturists are so poverty minded that we feel we have to give everything or something away to get money? First of all I charge for everything I do, so giving something for free is not an option, yet I might do something at no charge!!! It's time acupuncturists stood up and started to charge what they deserve and not the equivelant of a massage therapist. If we're so afraid of getting patients then maybe we were stupid to go into this field. Why is it we feel our studies and effort and knowledge isn't worth @ least $95 per session min.? Even $95 for each visit is CHEAP! If you want to educate your patients or community please respect yourself enough to charge what you're worth. For your info there is a hairdresser in New York who charges $500.00 for a half an hour hair cut & if you miss your appointment you have to pay for that appointment if you want to still see him. Oh by the way he's booked a min. of 3 months in advance!! He didn't study for more than 8 months and by the way he doesn't accept insurance nor do his clients ask him if he does.


Very Proud to be an acupuncturist
I will campaign to have a proclamation recognizing AOM Day in my town I've just discoved your newswletter and really enjoy the info and links. Thankyou Sifu Ike J. Bear MSNH OBT

Other And what would you, o wise one, have the kind people at Acupuncture Today do? Click their heels, snap their fingers, and write nothing but touchy-feely stories that blow sunshine up your arse? Sorry, pal, but it don't work that way in the real world.

Here's an idea: Why not be man (or woman) enough to include your name with your message? Better yet, why don't you contact Acupuncture Today directly -- 714-230-3150 -- and tell them what you'd like to see? You might be pleasantly surprised.

David Ortz

Other I will simply pray that Acupuncture Today becomes less partisan in the future and finally sees the wisdom of fairly and accurately presenting real news within the profession.
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