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Do you support the Federal Acupuncture Coverage Act of 2005?



Total Respondents: 423


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Yes It all about our patients, and this would help educate the public.
Yes I agree witt the previous post. YES, undoubtedly the Federal Acupuncture Coverage act of 2005 would be a great help to the profession, and for the continued growth of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the United States. But, why are 40% of the respondents not supporting the act? Please inform us of why you chose no, as there is not many, if any, reasons in my mind as to why this is not a good thing for patients, practioners, and the schools in general.... Interesting...
Yes ok, 30% or so have voted no. How can someone in this profession vote,
"no?" If you vote, "no," please include an explanation. Maybe something
like, "Well, I just feel that, as a professional, I'm not qualified to be
recognized and the while I spent about $80,000 for 4 years of school, I'd
rather not get a salary." Or maybe, "I passed the NCCAOM test long
before it became difficult, and I just think that.....oooo shiny!"

Yes Absolutely, the need for diversification of options for new and current practitioners is vital to our continued existence. This bill will force all states to recognize us from an insurance stand point, something that will be very costly to tackle on a state by state basis. The white house has fought over this because it means the insurance industry will pay us money. This issue is right up there with western medical collaborative ops.
Yes Even though processing insurances can be problematic, TCM should be available for all who wish to receive it without it being a financial burden. If the patient can be reimbursed for any procedures, it will only further the availability of TCM in the United States. As insurance will now cover the cost, I see this as opening the door for more patients. This is good.

Yes medicare have to cover acupuncture, help reducing cost of healcare insurance for anyone.
Yes Acupuncture is a licensed profession in USA.Why we, as health care providers, are being treated as a step chidren by the "system"? Multiple research indicates the benefits of acupuncture. Why does government regulate us as a profession, and does not allow the coverage through medicaid, and medicare programs for people who could not afford it otherwise? At least they (the feds) could allow some tax breaks for those who pay out of pocket. I hope the informed public will continue to pressure the government and the private insurance entities. It is an absolute outrage that a licensed profession is considered a non essential "luxury." This must stop!
Thank You

William Schpilman, RN,M.S,L.Ac (NY)
Yes Chiropractic help along with acupressure has helped me deal with
Inumbness in the roof of my mouth caused by inhalation of chemicals
produced by salt residue in a bucket used for cleaning with orange
solvent. It produced a white cloud and I used it in a closed area for
about an hour. It must have effected my nervous system in an adverse
way cause when I took a hot bath that evening something happened that
resulted in the numbness. I am not 100% yet, but I am moving toward
that goal quite well with no help from my Dr. or my HMO with the use of
accupressure. Please move forward with legislation so everyone has this
choice for health care.
Yes My name is Zhenia Alarcon. I am Occupational Therapist. I can not use Accupunture under my licence, but I use an alternative method of electrical stimulation in accupuntures point to decrease pain. It is call ETPS and was created by an Accupunturist. I have learn the result of Accupunture with my patients and myself and I encourage everybady that try to use it when has a health problem. This is the only way to undertand how effective is the accupunture. I support the Act because I think that the cost of therapy in terms of pain can be reduced and the results can last more. I am thinking on the posibility to become myself an accupunturist.I also applied it on Cuba where I study medicine before I came to USA. I have learn for my research and my experience that Occidental medicine touch the body and oriental medicine touch the soul.
Yes The introduction of coverage within the Federal Health Plan, and even more importantly Medicare, will open the door to what I feel is what will finally entrench Acupuncture into the mainstream of modern medicine: the ability to work as paid staff members of hospitals throughout the country.

Coming from a state that currently doesn't even have third-party benefits, this would also open that elusive (though sometimes double-sided) door.

Steve Mavros, L.Ac. - Philadelphia, PA
Admin -

Yes The passage of this Act at last would be a great boon to our profession and would begin to help level the playing field cost-wise for those who need comprehensive Acupuncture care and can't afford it.
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