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On average, how many patients do you treat during a typical day in practice?


20 or more

Total Respondents: 247


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 I would like to know how practitioners who treat less than 10 patients a day survive. Do they have spouses they financially rely on? Are they independently wealthy? Do they charge $300.00 per visit?

Just curious
 I graduated in the Spring of 2004 and have found the process of building a practice to be a long and painstaking one. I treat 1-2 patients per day, but only 1-2 days per week. I think the acupuncture community, especially on the Eastern seaboard, should do more to engage in post-graduation mentorships/internships (without or with only minimal cost)in an effort to ease the transition from student to independent practitioner, and to help avoid some of the pitfalls of setting up and managing an office

6-10 I only have one room and one acupuncture bed. I think the first time patients demand at least one hour sometimes even more but repeat patients may not take more than 30 minutes including the puls, tongue etc.

6-10 It might be important to distinguish whether practitioners only derive service income vs also sell products such as herbs, supplements, foods, educational materials, workshops etc.
3-5 Today is very important to consider other alternative therapeutics for treating many illneses, therefore we have to get new training in this technique.

Juan Gonzalo Soto V. M.D
20 or more Any possible way is great for letting people around to know acupuncture.

Yali Li

6-10 Its important to know each other y about our work
11-19 Another interesting question for the future: In what setting do you practice: a) solo, in own commercial office; b) solo, in own home office; c) shared office setting with another doctor (specify physician, chiropractor, naturopath, or other); d) shared office setting with another health practitioner (specify physical therapist, massage therapist, or other); e) public health clinic; f) hospital setting; g) school setting; h) other - please describe
11-19 Please take into account that some memebers, like myself,
are not in the USA. We would love to see more about issues
that are of general nature on top of the ones that are about
the US.

Let me know if you would like more feedback on these

Nigel Robinson
3-5 I only do this number of patients because that is all that I want to do. I prefer to keep my practice small and personable.

3-5 An average day is 3-4 patients, but I have days when I don't see any patients at all. I average about 12 treatments per week, after relocating my practice 10 months ago. In my former location, it was rare, even after 2 years in practice, that I would see more than 3 patients per week.

11-19 a 10-15 choice would have been most helpful
3-5 Ok
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