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What is the most important issue facing the AOM profession in 2005?


Greater inclusion of acupuncture in managed care and insurance plans
Improved cooperation between the national organizations (AAOM, AOM Alliance, etc.)
Inclusion of acupuncture in Medicare
Increased scope of practice in states with existing acupuncture laws
Passage of acupuncture licensing laws in all 50 states

Total Respondents: 692


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Inclusion of acupuncture in Medicare 

 acupuncture should be covered by Medicare I'm sure it does prevent certain conditions from progressing to the point where an expensive operation becomes necessary.
Greater inclusion of acupuncture in managed care and insurance plans If we are not steadfast and persistant we will lose our rights to use herbal madicine in this country.

Inclusion of acupuncture in Medicare As America grows in the "senior" group, it seems so unfair that Medicare does not cover acupuncture treatment. It seems to me that it woulod be less expensive than surgical procedures, which are often followed by Physical Therapy.
Inclusion of acupuncture in Medicare tried locating a acupuncturist in western PA, but couldn't find on one with your search. I might move closer to my children if there was one over on that side of the state.
Inclusion of acupuncture in Medicare Public awareness of antiviral herbs could be on this list.
Greater inclusion of acupuncture in managed care and insurance plans We must fight for insurance coverage for our patients. When our patients are able to freely choose their type of health and wellness care, and receive reimbursement for this choice, only then will Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine become accepted for the value it is in medicine.

Passage of acupuncture licensing laws in all 50 states it would be helpful to have access to aqupuncture via nhs

Greater inclusion of acupuncture in managed care and insurance plans acupuncture is the only thing that has given me relief for IBS

Other Greater inclusion in hospitals and MD clinics and offices.

Other I think that the greatest issue facing the AOM profession is whether or not MDs and Chiropractors should be allowed to practice acupuncture without taking state or national licensing exams. If the public has access to inferiorly qualified practitioners, i.e their Western doctors, then both the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment and the ability for licensed practitioners to maintain practices will be threatened.
Inclusion of acupuncture in Medicare The inclusion of Medicare coverage will help move our business in a forward and more professional standing in the U.S. The latest White House report recognizes the need for this coverage because of the increasing use of CAM therapies. Please access this report if you have not done so already. Also, when you consider that the majority of the population as baby boomers will soon be in the same age group, you must also realize that this same population will be supporting our practice the most. They not only have the most medical problems that western medicine is not helping, but they will be spending the most money to repair or maintain their health.
Improved cooperation between the national organizations (AAOM, AOM Alliance, etc.) Our profession is just "becoming of age". We need good representation. We need ONE strong forum, not many small, weak organizations. In California our Board is threatened with dissolution. We need to unite in order to effect positive changes. We need to cooperate, whatever style, technique, school or part of the world we come from. We are ALL Acupuncturists. Only together we'll have a strong voice.
Inclusion of acupuncture in Medicare By including acupuncture in Medicare we will finally open the door to
insurance reimbursement. Obviously all the forementioned issues are
as important. We all know that insurance companies base many of
their decisions on what Medicare does. When medicare accepts our
treatments as valid and necessary, we will have achieved the
recognition we deserve and achieved the goal to be Healers, nothing
more, nothing less. As for the other issues, they will follow. Always,
aim for one thing at a time. In this manner we will be able to achieve
all our goals. Keep needling!!
Inclusion of acupuncture in Medicare Legislation was introduced in the last Congress to include acupuncture under Medicare. Efforts should be made to have the same legislation introduced early in the new Congress so efforts can be made to have this considered when the Congress addresses Social Security and related matters. M.DALE HOOPER
Greater inclusion of acupuncture in managed care and insurance plans In Wisconsin we just need to have acupuncture incorporated into management of patient care. The changes we see taking place are very far advanced from where we are at this point. It has only been in the last year or so that I have really had to deal with any insurance coverage. In this area it is very limited. Many doctors still are reluctant to even refer for acupuncture. As a one woman office, I have little time to connect with these doctors that are less than enthusiastic about blocking out time for me. Even the new CPT codes are excessive. I usually only see one person at a time. Usually 3/4 of my time is spent with each patient during a visit. I think this is why they come to see me. I actually SEE them. We spend quality time and I deal with the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Sometimes just beening seen and heard IS part of the treatment.
 very useful

Passage of acupuncture licensing laws in all 50 states How can the public veiw us as "real" if we're not "legal"?

Passage of acupuncture licensing laws in all 50 states I think we need to focus on standardization of scope of practice and work towards reciprocity between states. This will enable the profesion to grow as graduates from high concentration states would be able to move into new territories.

Other The most important issue is integrating acupuncture into the w
estern medical community -- into hospitals and M.D. offices. We w
ill thus make acupuncture and herbs more widely available and h
opefully reduce the need for western surgery and drugs, helping t
he general health of the American public. We will also gain more w
estern knowledge to help us in our work. We will gain more o
pportunities to treat patients, and to do work we are generally not a
llowed to do -- like acupuncture analgesia.
Passage of acupuncture licensing laws in all 50 states Can we at least move FORWARD to establishing
REGIONAL LICENSING???? It is silly to follow the laws of
each and every state in this day and age! For example, I
have my NY and FL licenses:, but, the rules for Texas are
quite different and REQUIRE A HERBOLOGY certification
from NCCAOM for licensure. I think this is absurd!!! What
do you think?????
Greater inclusion of acupuncture in managed care and insurance plans I think that there should be only one national organization representing the Acupuncture profession. What other group of professionals have 2? ANA, AMA etc.only have one. The politics and in fighting needs to be forgiven and lets move on as a profession. How are other professionals groups going to look at us if we can't be united?
Improved cooperation between the national organizations (AAOM, AOM Alliance, etc.) Last year I thought it was greater inclusion into the insurance arena,
but now I've been convinced that it really is better cooperation
between the professional organizations. We need to start moving this
amazing medicine forward and not our egos. I've seen too much
bashing between groups like AAOM, AOMA, and NOMAA - actually,
any bashing is too much. All these groups (some of which I am a
member) have meaningful direction, and if they could look to each
other as an ally, and let each progress in their own direction, I think
our shared medicines could have a serious and benefitial impact on
the US's ailing healthcare system. As I've found in my little town, if I
embrace the other acupuncturists as friends - even though they
practice very different versions of AOM - we all end up stronger AND
with more patients.
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