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What percentage of your practice consists of treating patients for infertility and related issues?



Total Respondents: 230


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 I would like to know what is the average acupuncturist income per year? If you don't have this information, where can I find it.

0-25% Most of my patients have back problems or are very tense.
0-25% I practice in Northern Virginia. Our community are not educated with Chinese Medicine philosophy and have no idea about acupuncture and herbal remedies about. this is all because of lack of advertisement by our association. the young graduate students can not afford to it.
51%-75% Although I never planned to do fertility work, my success rate is 100% so far for patients other than IVF referrals. Most of these are constitutional treatments with Chong and/or Ren involvement. Weekly acupuncture and compliance with herbal prescriptions seems to be the key.

Typically the IVF referrals from fertility clinics tend to be "last resort" scenarios and the patients have only from a few weeks to a few days before their 3rd and often final round of IVF. At this point their optimism is minimal and many are in mild to moderate depression. When there is not enough time to counter these emotional influences, results are not as good as otherwise. If these patients could come in several months to a year before the IVF process begins, I am sure the results would be much greater even on the first round of IVF - but I haven't convinced the doctors yet!

MM Dobson, L.Ac.
 point acupuncture realated volume menstrual
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