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What therapies do you use to treat female infertility patients?


Acupuncture and/or herbs
Acupuncture and/or herbs in conjunction with Western infertility/IVF techniques
All of the above
None of the above

Total Respondents: 135


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Acupuncture and/or herbs 

Acupuncture and/or herbs acupuncture is very effective in treating infertility as it increases the flow of energy around the body instead of stagnating which is usually the case in infertility.
Acupuncture and/or herbs Hi, we need to encourage all acupuncturist to educate their patients and inform them about H.R.818 ill and ask them to write to their rep. so acupuncture can be covered under medicaid and medical. Alot of my patients who are seniors can not afford to pay for their treatments. I think the government should step in and help these folks. I urge all small and large acupuncture associations join and become a giant power in sociaty and they may collect one or two dollars from each individual acupuncturist around United States to educate American people by advertising on TV or radio talks. It's about time that we need to do this, otherwise, it will take one or two more generations for acupuncturists suffer from economy hardship.

All of the above Often, we use a combination of western and eastern techniques. Dietary changes also play a very important role in the treatment of infertility. Sometimes that is all that is needed. Many women are simply unclear what the body requires in order to create an environment for conception and sustain a pregnancy.
All of the above Michael:
Thanks for doing this!
Kathie Albertson

None of the above I use Zen Shiatsu to treat infertility treatments in conjunction or not with Western infertility/IVF techniques.
Acupuncture and/or herbs I was wonder how acupuncture works on your body when using needle on people.Show me a piture how how it work on them.

Acupuncture and/or herbs Liver meridian is the money area.
Acupuncture and/or herbs I have had reasonably good success treating patients who want to get pregnant. Many have had adverse reactions to clomed and other egg multiplier medicines.
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